The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse
"SOUTH IRISH HORSE  - War Diaries"

The following table contains links to transcripts of various South Irish Horse war diaries. Of the twelve below only two are verbatim copies. B Squadron 1, covering the first SIH Squadron to enter the war in France from August 1914 until December 1914. The second is 7th (SIH) Bn. Royal Irish Regiment 1, which covers the SIH as an infantry battalion from August 1917 until the near destruction of the battalion in March 1918. The remaining ten are very sketchy indeed, however they do contain some detail of interest in the employment of cavalry troops in the trenches. Our aim was to attempt to record names of members of the SIH, hence the appearance of some diaries as lists of personnel. No apology is made for this. To see the main SIH page clik here.

Extracts from War Diary 49th Infantry Brigade Dec 1917 & Apr 1918
Extracts from Bn orders of 7th (SIH) Bn, RIR War Diaries. Sep 1917 to Feb 1918

A Squadron
A Sqn, SIH.
Sept 15 - April 17

WO95/ 2141
WO95/ 930
C Squadron
C Sqn, SIH.
Dec 15 - May 16

WO95/ 1962

E Squadron
E Sqn, SIH.
39th Div Cav
In the Field
Mar 16 - Apr 16
WO95/ 2574

S Squadron
S Sqn SIH.
May - Nov 1915

WO95/ 1324
B Squadron 1
B Sqn, SIH.
Aug 14 - Dec 14

WO95/ 2380
B Squadron 2
B Sqn (2 Trps), SIH
H.Q. 4th Corps
Dec 14 & Jan 15

WO95/ 2380

B Squadron 3
S -B Sqn, SIH
Vol 3, Nov 15-May 16

WO95/ 2380

B Squadron 4
B Sqn. SIH.
XV Corps Cav Regt.
May 16- Aug 17

WO95/ 930
WO95/ 623

SIH Regiment. 1
SIH HQ & "A"
& "B" Sqn.
Aug 16 - Aug 17

WO95/ 623

SIH Regiment. 2
Cav Regt
Jan 17 - Aug 17
WO95/ 930
7th (SIH) Bn.
Royal Irish Regiment. 1

7th (SIH) Bn, RIRegt
Sep 17 to May 18

WO95/ 1979
7th (SIH) Bn.
Royal Irish Regiment. 2

7th (SIH) Bn, RIRegt
Jun - Nov 18

WO95/ 2330
All of the documents references noted in the table above are National Archives references, for more information about the National Archive follow this link. The National Archive at Kew

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