The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse

Source document: The National Archive at Kew WO 95/2141 & WO 95/930
A Sqn, SIH. Sept 1915 - April 1917.

Place, Date Summary of Events and Information
Sailed with 135 men 6 officers 145 horses per S/S ANGLO CANADIAN
Strazeele 18/10/15
Lieut Fitzherbert went to Grenade School TERDENGHEM for a weeks course of instruction. Paid Squadron.
" 27/10/15
HM The King inspect the 2nd Corps: Sqn represented by 1 officer & 30 men. Also 1 off & 25 men on police duty at CAESTRE & 1 off & 23 men on police duty at BAILLEUH
" 30/10/15
Capt Wardell, Lieut Kirk & 2nd Lieut Anderson go for a one day course of bombing at 2nd Corps School of Grenades at TERDINGHEM
" 1/11/15
Capt WARDELL, Corpls RODMAN & KINNAMOUNT Go to II Corps Grenade School for a weeks course of instruction
" 4/11/15
Capt WARDELL to F. amb of II Corps Grenade School
" 5/11/15
Corpl RODMAN wounded in foot in accident at II Corps Grenade School
" 6/11/15
Capt WARDELL evacuated to Base. Capt CP KIRK & 30 men & horses go to ARMENTIERES for police duties
" 17/11/15
" 18/11/15
LIEUT ANDERSON to go on Course of Instruction in Grenade & catapult bombing
" 19/11/15
Case of Scarlet Fever in CAPT FURLONGS & LIEUT VERNONS Billet. - a child had it.
" 1/12/15
2nd Lieut N ANDERSON and 16 men go to ARMENTIERES to be attached to Cyclists & form a Catapult Battery
" 2/12/15
Capt WARDELL rejoins from base after illness
" 13/12/15
Horses for APM arrive from remount section:- very poor bad lot, Capt KIRK declines to take them
" 22/12/15
Sergt BELL goes on leave
" 23/12/15
Report of O/C Cyclists that no 1068 Pte LARKIN F., 1073 Pte LE BAS H, 1144 Pte SADLIER WA were killed in action on night of 22/23 by direct hit of HE on the Catapult they were fixing up to fire
" 27/12/15
977 Pte SHEPPARD R wounded by shrapnel on way to trenches
" 31/12/15
Sergt NEILL & Capt SMYTH to ARMENTIERES to receive instruction in assembly of Catapults in the trenches
" 11/1/16
884 Pte SHANAHAN D killed in action with Catapult battery at ARMENTIERES, 1277 Pte WASSON A wounded
" 28/1/16
2nd Lt E HAMILTON joined from Base
" February 1916
During this time I had 30 men & 1 off attached to APM for police work, and 16 men & 1 off forming a Catapult battery. This left me with three & sometimes four horses per man. And I could do nothing but stables and keep them in exercise
" 17/3/16
St Patricks day holiday for men. 30 men attached to APM and 16 men men of Catapult battery rejoined the Sqn
Ribemont 24/4/16
Lt FITZHERBERT & Lt VERNON promoted Capt from March 1st. Capt FITZHERBERT & 12 men to trenches as Divisional snipers
" 4/5/16
Orders received that Div Cav is to cease & that the Sqn is to move to XV Corps and form part of XV Corps Cav Regt
" 11/5/16
'C' Sqn Surrey Yeomanry arrived to form part of Regt
" 14/5/16
'B' Sqn SIH under Maj STERN arrives and completes the XV Corps Cav Regt
" 21/5/16
'C' Sqn Surrey Yeo replaced by 'D' Sqn Wilts Yeo with Headquaters complete under Lt Col UURIC THYNNE
Ribermont. 25.8.16
Lt Hanratty to England sick
Shaexhem. 21.12.16
Sargt Jago, Corp C West, Corp Smyth and Pte Rutherford awarded MM for work bombing with 21st Div.
Pas. 14.2.17
Lt Watts, 1 NCO & 30 men woodcutting at BAZEQUNE
" 18.2.17
Church Parade.
Capt. Furlong, 2 sect & 1 NCO proceeded to 2 Cav Div School, Douriez, for a course of instruction.
" 10.3.17
Lts Hadden, Hamilton & 2 NCO to 2nd Cav Div School
" 18.3.17
Church Parade.
68 NCOs & men presented Good Conduct Badge.
Signed throughout:- Noel Furlong. Capt O I/C 'A' Sqn

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