The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse

Source document: Public Record Office Kew WO 95/623
Regimental Diaries SIH HQ & "A" & "B" Sqn. Aug 1916 - Aug 1917
Place, Date Summary of Events and Information
Drouvin 1.8.16
Scheme carried out by regiment
" 2.8.16
General training
" 3.8.16
      "         "       & Staff ride for officers
" 4.8.16
Scheme carried out by Regt. Colonel BP Portal DSO appointed to command of I Corps mounted troops, consisting of Corps Cav Regt, Cyclist Battn & No 2 Motor Machine Gun Battery (Authority I Corps no A420)
" 5.8.16
General training, Capt Wardell joined from XV Corps (auth A Gs no 1364 of 30.7.16)
" 6.8.16
Commemoration Service at Bethune & Regtl Sports held
" 7.8.16
General training. Capt G O'Grady appointed claims officer I Corps and Capt J H Brooke appointed adjutant vice Capt O'Grady
8.8.16 - 11.8.16
General training
12.8.16 - 31.8.16

General training and working parties each night in 8th Division Trenches.

Lt F G White joined for duty
Lt N A Anderson proceeded to XV Corps Cavalry Regt
Capt E L Phelps proceeded to BOULOGNE for dental treatment
Night 28/29.8.16
Capt E L Firth wounded. Shell shock
Signed. B M Palat, Colonel.
Drouvin, 1.9.16
Working parties, traffic control ( 2.9.16 - 1.10.16)
" 2.9.16
2 O Ranks wounded. Capt L O Trent proceeded on leave.
" 3.9.16
2/Lt C P Macanley on leave. Lt J C Brodie admitted to hospital
" 4.9.16
Lt J C Brodie evacuated to England
" 7.9.16
2/Lt F B Costello returned from leave
Decette 12.9.16
Regiment (with exception of 45 O Ranks on traffic duties & 60 men detailed to remain behind at Drouvin for working parties etc) proceeded to First Army training area.
Capt E L Firth evacuated to England
2/Lt H D A Jameson admitted to hospital
Drouvin 24.9.16
Divine service
" 29.9.16
Regimental sports held
1.10.16 - 13.10.16
Working parties in trenches. POW guard and escort.
Drouvin 2.10.16
Capt L O Trant returned from leave
" 4.10.10
Capt S A Watt proceeded on leave
" 8.10.16
Major M L Lakin DSO proceeded on leave. Lt H D A Jameson evacuated to England
" 12.10.16
Regimental Concert. Capt E L Phelps struck off strength, authority WO (AG 4a) of 4.10.16
" 14.10.16
Hotchkiss Gun team proceeded to Forfay for course of instruction under Lt T E Morton
" 17.10.16
Capt F H Brooke proceeded on leave
" 18.10.16
Lt P J Shiel AVC (attached) proceeded on leave
" 23.10.16
Lt J G Matthew proceeded on leave
" 27.10.16
Capt F H Brooke rejoined from leave
" 28.10.16
Capt S A Watt, Lt T E Morton and Lt P J Shiel AVC (attached) rejoin
" 30.10.16
Major & QrMr F H Dunkley proceeded on leave
Drouvin. 11.11.16
Colonel B P Portal DSO having being promoted Brig General to command 7th Cavalry Brigade struck off strength.
" 12.11.16
Lieut Colonel C M Truman 12th Lancers arrived to take over command.
" 31.12.16
Signed. J H Brooke. Capt & Adjt
1.1.17 to 31.1.17
Divisional dump guard. POW guard & escort. Working parties in the trenches. OP duties. Regimental snipers employed on sniping duties in front line.
" 7.1.17
S Sqn returned from training.
" 10.1.17
C Sqn proceeded to 1st Army training area
" 25.1.17
C Sqn returned
" 27.1.17
E Sqn proceeded to 1st Army training area.
Signed. D L Wardell. Capt for L/Col
1.2.17 to 30.6.17
General training. POW guard & escort. Traffic control duty. OP duty. Sniper duty.
15.6.17 to 1.7.17
Working parties employed building strong points in front of British line.
Casualties 7 OR killed & 28 OR wounded.
The following wire was received from Corps HQ with reference to the above working party:-
"GOC 46th Division has asked I Corps to convey his appreciation of the good work done by the South Irish Horse _____ attached to his division".
Signed. AHD Lawson. 2/Lt. for L/Col.
Douchy les Ayette.

Notification received that horses were about to be withdrawn and that the Regiment would be amalgamated with 2nd S. I. H. to form SIH infantry Battn.

Regiment entrained at Achies-les-Grand en route for Beaurainville
27.7.17 to 31.7.17
Infanry training and organising Infantry Battalion from the two regiments.

Signed. J H Brooke. Capt and Adjt

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