The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse

Source document: The National Archive at Kew WO 95/930 & WO 95/623
B Sqn. SIH. XV Corps Cav Regt. May 1916- Aug 1917

Place, Date Summary of Events and Information
Heilly. 6.6.16
Lieut CW Bence-Jones returned from course of instruction at Cavalry School. 2nd Lieut AG Dignan proceeded on the same course.
" 14.6.16
Lieut Bence-Jones proceeded to trenches
Becordel. 26.9.16
One man, Pte Allen was killed, heavy shell fire in village
" 30.9.16
One man, Pte Brown severely wounded whilst on duties with Corps Intelligence.
Capt AV Fitzherbert & 6 OR have been employed throughout the month as Corps observers one of the men, Pte A Kelly has been wounded & mentioned above
" Oct 1916
Lt Col UO Thynne DSO was evacuated to England sick, (sprained ankle) struck off. Major HJJ Stern (SIH) assumed command
" 1.10.16
Corp MacMullen V, No 1256 died of wounds received whilst attached to XV Corps
" 12.10.16
No 983 Pte T Byrne was reported missing, later he was reported killed. He was employed with the Intelligence Dept.
Flesselles. 6.11.16
Lt W Joyce transferred to Irish Guards. 2nd Lt W Dwyer joined the Sqn from A Sqn
" 7.11.16
Lieut CW Bence-Jones transferred to Irish Guards, one OR proceeded to England to be commissioned
" 14.11.16
SSM Larkin proceeded to join Lincoln Regt as 2nd Lieut
Bailleul. 2&3.12.16
2nd Lieuts Dwyer and Moore
" 8.12.16
Lieut C Colthurst joined from 16th Div
" 15.12.16
Lieut BA Clay joined from XV Corps Cav Regt
" 16.12.16
Capt AV Fitzherbert transferred to home establishment
" 1.1.17
Lieut CJ Colthurst returned from hospital
" 16.1.17
Sqn moved to MORBECQUE with A Sqn, one horse wounded
Nuncq 22.1.17
Lieut C Stewart & 2nd Lieut H McCarrall joined from Ireland
" 28.1.17
2nd Lieut WG Fergusson joined from Ireland
Pas. 11.2.17
Lieut AG Dignan's troop proceeded to Heny for police duty with 46 Div
2nd Lieut JMJ Moore's troop proceeded to La Cauchie (ditto)
" 25.2.17
Lieut Dignan's & 2nd Lieut Moore's troops relieved by Lieut Colvill's & 2nd Lieut W Dwyer's troops respectively
" 15.3.17
2nd Lieut Fergusson relieved Lieut Dignan at Heny
" 19.3.17
No 2061 Pte O'Connell F killed by mine explosion at Ransart whilst on traffic duty
Fusseux. 2.5.17
7 ORs joined from base
" 3.5.17
Capt R Blackett joined from base as 2nd in Command
" 7.5.17
2nd Lieut BA Clay struck off the strength
" 23.5.17
1 sergt to UK commissioned
" 24.5.17
2nd Lieut R Dease transferred from A Sqn
Signed throughout. HJJ Stern, Major.

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