The South Irish Horse
"War Diaries"

War Diaries of 'B' Squadron (2 Troops), South Irish Horse, H.Q. 4th Corps Dec 1914 & Jan 1915
Source document: Public Record Office Kew WO 95/2380

The following transcript has been made as faithful to the original as possible, but only the salient points have been recorded.

Place, Date, Hour Summary of Events and Information Remarks

1) Average Strength 3 officers 77 other ranks
2) Employment         Army Troop
                                 Escort orderlies
                                 Police duties
3) Field operations   Nil
4) Changes               14 men joined from Base
                                1 man to prison
                                1 man transferred to Sqn HQ
                                3 men to hostpital
5) Changes in horse  9 Horses joined from base
                                 7 Horses cast as unfit
                                 1 Horse transferred to Sqn HQ
                                 1 Horse died
6) Report on equipment, clothing etc
                                 i) Riding pants ???? corduroy are found much less servicable than the Bedford Cord pants first issued
                                 ii) Nose bags canvas wear out usually in a month


31.1.15 4th Corps

RB Lealass, Capt.


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