The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse

War Diaries of 'B' Squadron, South Irish Horse, Aug 1914 - Dec 1914
Source document: The National Archive at Kew ref, WO 95/2380

The following transcript has been made as faithful to the original as possible.

Hour, Date, Place

Summary of Events and Information


  5th Aug 1914 Dublin Mobilize  
6th-16th " 2nd - 12th day of mobilization  
17th " Embarked at Alexandra Basin  
18th At Sea  
19th Le Harve Landed at Le Harve  
20th " Rest Camp  
21st " Entrain & proceed to unknown destination  
22nd Bussigny Bivouac at Beaufort  
23rd Continue march & join 1st AHR at MABOUGE From this date, unless other employment is shown a portion
24th Bavay Bivouac at Vieux Menseul of the Squadron was employed daily as Escort to G.O.C. 1st
25th Landrecies Very heavy attack from 3.30 PM till 2.30 When Germans withdrew Corps & the remainder with the wagons of Corps H.Q. No
26th Jerusalem Frm Sqn sent to Rear Stand Lost several horses & one man hit by rifle fire of ???? ???? entry is shown in this case. One or more ????? in HQ were
27th Origny One Troop Advanced Stand, Remainder Rear Stand supplied each night.
28th St Gobain Halted  
29th " Halted  
30th Soissons Sent as Contact Squadron to Venezel. Met garrison of ????. Germans riding Venezel held did not push attack  
31st Villiers Cotteretts Got through German Cavalry in the forest after dark unseen  
1st Sept    
2nd Meaux Night March  
3rd Goins (??)    
4th Gauard (Signy Signets)   
5th Chaumes Sent in the afternoon to dislodge Uhlans from the woods at Charbisson  
6th Chateau Charbisson    
7th Choisy    
8th Rebais    
9th Charles-sur- Marne A & D troops leave for G.H.Q.  
10th Hautevisnes One troop sent with Prisoners to Rail Head  
11th Dalchy Breny Received first mail after leaving home. Torrents of rain all night  
12th Gouignes    
13th Courcelles Sent on to Point 175 Dhuizel. Delayed by Germans flowing into Courcelles Bridge  
14th " Sent Be??ng at daybreak, later on detailed to seize CHAVONNE. Under heavy shell fire all day.  
15th Dhuizel Sent to BOURG. Under heavy shell fire all day. 3 horses hit  
16th " Sent to BOURG. Under heavy shell fire all day.  
17th " Sent to BOURG. Under heavy shell fire all day.  
18th " Out all night looking for concealed spies in the woods west of LONGEVAL  
19th " Out all night looking for concealed spies in the woods west of LONGEVAL  
20th " Sent to reinforce 2nd Cavalry Bde at CHAVONNE  
21st-26th " Escort to C-in-C 1st Corps Went out only  
27th " Searched woods near LONGEVAL  
28th " Shelled out of Billets 1 man hit. 2 horses killed. 3 men of HLI in same billet hit  
29th Courcelles    
30th " Searched woods on DHIZEL - BRAINE road  
1st Oct Courcelles Searched woods on DHIZEL - BRAINE road  
2nd & 3rd "    
4th Belerne    
5th-9th Searched woods round BRENELLES  
10th-12th Sent to CHESSIMY, searched woods in conjunction with Munster Fus & Suffolk Regt. Shelled from VAILLY across the river while employed on search  
13th & 14th    
15th Braine March to Fere-en-Jardenois  
16th Fere-en-Jardenois Entrain at 2am  
17th In train via PARIS to St OMER  
18th St Omer    
19th Cassel    
20th Poperenge    
21st & 22nd Ypres Sent to assist GOC 7th DIVISION at SANDTORDA  
23rd & 24th " Sent to support CONNAUGHT RANGERS in woods on MENNIN ROAD  
25th & 26th " Sent to support 3rd Cav Bde at HOLLEBECKE, in trenches till 26th night  
27th "    
28th " In support of Cavalry in MENNIN WOOD  
29th " Shelled out of CHATEAU at HOOGE  
30th "    
31st " In support of 1st DIVISION at HOOGE.1st day of attack of BAVARIANS Squadron ordered to take over communications of dispatches to the whole of 1st Corps andCav Division ( See Below)
1st 1914 November Ypres In support of 1st DIVISION at HOOGE. 2nd day of attack of BAVARIANS During this time the whole of the communications of the 1st Corps & Cavalry Division were
2nd   carried out by the Squadron. 
3rd & 4th Report Centre at YPRES heavily shelled 3 men & 3 horse of Squadron hit The roads were impassable for motor cyclists, the trenches were unapproachable at many 
5th & 6th Elverdinge Support of 1st Division at ZILLEBECKE Sent to pick up communications with French later. Very heavy fighting. times & telephone & telegraph lines were cut every minute of 
7th-20th " Halted the night and day by shell fire.
21st " Leave Elverdinge at 7am and arrive at Hazebrouck. 4pm  
22nd Hazebrouck    
23rd Nov-21st Dec " 1st Corps withdrawn from the line and rested  
22nd Leave Hazebrouck at 5.30am Bivouac at Hinges  
23rd-26th Hinges Bivouac at Hinges  
27th-31st " Usual Escort for C in C 1st Corps out only.  

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