The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse

Source document: The National Archive at Kew WO 95/1979

7th (SIH) Bn, Royal Irish Regt War Diaries. September 1917 to May 1918.

Summary of Events and Information
Organisation of Battalion and general preparations for Infantry training
Surplus Personnel disposed of as under:
Detail of Yorkshire Hussars formerly attached 2nd Sth Irish Horse despatched to 33rd Infantry Base Depot. 4-9-17
Surplus personnel of AOC despatched to AOC Depot Calais. 5-9-17
Surplus Officers {Unfit} of 2nd South Irish Horse sent to British Cavalry Base Depot. 5-9-17
Details of Herts Yeomanry formerly attached 2nd South Irish Horse despatched to British Cavalry Base Depot. 6-9-17
Farriers, Shoeing Smiths & Sadlers of 1st & 2nd Sth Irish Horse surplus to Battalion despatched to British Cavalry Base Depot. 7-9-17
Surplus ASC personnel despatched to AHT Depot Abbeville & ASC Depot Harve
Officers and NCOs attended Course in Lewis Gunnery, Bombing, Sniping and P & B Training.
Officers and NCOs from 16th Division attached to Battalion as Instructors
Officers and NCOs of Battalion attached to 16th Division in Line for instruction
Note:- Also authority received for the designation of the battalion to be 7th (South Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Regiment.
Training as infantry in Lewis Gun, Bombing, Squad Drill, Manual, Musketry
ditto & battalion had baths at HESDIN
Platoon Drill, Bayonet Fighting, Physical Training, Bombing
More advanced Platoon Drill, Bayonet Fighting & Physical Training
as on 4th
Battalion route march of 9 miles. Draft from EGYPT arrived, 2 officers & 60 OR from conducting horses from MARSEILLES to EGYPT
Inspection of billets
Elementary Company drill, Physical games & controlled charges
Musketry by companies. Lewis Gun & Rifle bombing. Draft from Egypt drilling.
Company drill, & Physical games. Lewis Gun & Musketry
Lewis Gun firing, Company schemes for open warfare attacks.
Bayonet fighting on assault course. Wiring & trench digging
Advance party of 1 officer & 30 OR proceeded BOILEUX to take over camp at ERVILLERS. Physical Training & preparing for move.
Entrained at BEAURAINVILLE and proceeded to BOISLEUX au MONT to join 16th Division. Took over camp from 7th Royal Irish Rifles. (Belfast Camp)
Company drill and manoeuvre, bombing & Lewis Gun. Provided working party of officer & 50 OR to Town Major of ERVILLERS
Training in Special Attack Platoons. Physical Training, bombing & Lewis Gun
Further training in attack principles. Phys Trg, Bombing & Rifle bombing Lewis Gunnery
ditto. Improvement of camp commences
Battalion inspected by Maj Gen WB Hickie CB GOC 16th Division
Company drill Phys. Trg. Improvement of camp continued. ???? of huts &c
Church parade & baths at ERVILLERS
Left support, centre, Div.
49th Brigade relieved 48th Brigade. South Irish Horse moved into support in left sub-section relieving 2nd Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers. B. Company attached left sub-section line battalion (7th/8th Royal Irish Fusiliers). A. Company to Sunken Road T17 c.7.6. C. Company Strong points C.6 to C.10. S. Company Sunken road T22 a.3.2. Battn. Hdqrs at T 22 d.8.9.
Work on improvements to dug-outs &c begun. Provided working parties for REs.
24 to 27
Improvements to dug-outs. New dug-outs commenced at Bn Hdqrs. Working parties under RE.
South Irish Horse relieved 7/8 Royal Irish Fusiliers in left sub-section front line. B. Coy left, Hdqrs of Coy in Pug Avenue. C. Company left centre, Hdqrs in Shaft Avenue. A. Company right centre, Hdqrs in Shaft Trench. S. Company right, Hdqrs in Bing Support. Bn Hdqrs in Shaft Avenue. Shaft No 122.
Working parties under RE. Pug lane shelled & 2 men killed by direct hit on Lewis Gun emplacement. Enemy's trenches raided with success by 7/8 R Inniskilling Fusiliers. Three men of ours wounded in enemy's retalliatory shell fire, some portions of trenches slightly damaged. Officers patrol went out & reported on wire in front of V.1.5.
Working parties under RE. Officers patrol recconoitered wire in V.1.4. & V. 1.3. Wiring carried out at V.1.5.
Working parties & improvements of trenches, duck boarding &c. Situation Normal
Relieved by 10th R.Dublin Fus. in Left Subsection & returned to BELFAST CAMP
General cleaning up - Baths
General training - Baths
Battln. inspected by GOC 49th Inf. Bde. 2 officers and 80 men on practice digging.
Trainig on Lewis Gun, Bombing, Coy. & platoon in the attack, digging. 1 officer & 50 men on fatigue party at Div. HQ
Lewis Gun training, Bombing, Lectures on Trench warfare. 1 officer & 50 men on fatigue party at Div. HQ
Trench to Trench attack - Coy & Battn - Bombing down trenches. Bayonet Fighting. Lewis Gun Classes. Rapid wiring. 1 off & 50 OR fatigue party at Div. HQ
Physical training & Bayonet fighting. Company Drill. Rapid wiring. Fatigue party of 1 officer & 5 men at Div HQ. Live Bombing. Lewis Gun classes. Marking out trenches & marching on tasks.
Physical training & Bayonet fighting. Musketry. Trench to trench attack. Live bombing. Rapid wiring. Lewis Gun classes. Fatigue party 1 officer & 50 men at Div. HQ. Lt.Col. CM Truman DSO left the Regt. on transfer to "Tanks".
Church Parades
Left BELFAST CAMP and relieved 8/9th R. Dublin Fus. holding left Sector Position in line:- "B" Coy Left, "C" Left Centre, "A" Right Centre, "S" Right. Battn. front:- U1a06 (Pug Lane) to U7d29 (Lump Lane) Situation quiet. relief Completed 3/0pm. Patrolled wire between U1d45.50 & U1d75.35 & found in good condition. Patrolled SENSEE RIVER bed to U13b37. Nothing seen; enemy snipers active
Cleaning up positions. Working parties under RE daily (125 men) Cleaning trenches, fixing "A" frames, revetting, repairing OPs, building traverses, draining trenches, repairing & improving Cookhouses, fixing & repairing duck boards, completed Gum Boot store, general improving of posts, putting out wire etc. Situation quiet.
Situation quiet. Enemy machine guns active during night.
Position in line changed as follows:- "A" Coy SHAFT TRENCH. N of SENSEE RIVER to junction of SHAFT and HORN trenches (exclusive). "C" Coy - junction of SHAFT and HORN trenches (inclusive) to PUG AVENUE. "B" Coy - SHAFT AVENUE and one Platoon in HIND TRENCH. "S" Coy - N. of SENSEE RIVER U7a5.8 to LUMP LANE (inclusive). Relief completed 4/0pm. Situation quiet.
Working parties under RE supervision as on 13th inst. Our machine guns active. SENSEE RIVER patrolled. Situation normal
Working parties under RE supervision. Situation normal
Position in line changed as follows:- "A" Coy - N. side SENSEE RIVER to junction FOP LANE and SHAFT TRENCH. "B" Coy - SHAFT AVENUE & 1 platoon on HIND AV. "C" Coy - part HORN TRENCH & SHAFT TRENCH to junction FOP LANE also junction HIND SUPPORT & FOP LANE to about 150 yds S. of SENSEE RIVER. "S" Coy - Strong points C6 to C10. Situation normal. Our machine guns very active during night. Working parties under RE ceased at mid-day.
Repairing duck boards, and general repairs to trenches. Situation normal. Our machine guns active during night.
at 6/20am our artillery and machine guns opened intense bombardment on enemys' positions - shooting reported very good. 1 officer & 40 men from "B" & "S" Coys went over at zero and dug communication trench connecting up LUMP LANE and TUNNEL TRENCH as shown in Red on Map attached. During this operation a gas cylinder was unearthed and damaged causing the following casualties;- 1 officer (Lt H Brocklebank) and 22 OR. Also 4 OR sustained shell wounds. An excellent communication trench was dug. "A" and "C" Coys held front line as shown on map - "B" & "S" in support. The enemys' reply was heavy at irregular intervals. Four counter attacks made on front occupied by troops on our right were all successfully repulsed. Feint attacks with dummy figures carrid out by us in vicinity of RIVER ROAD proved most successful. Seven Germans entered our lines where the SENSEE RIVER cuts HIND SUPPORT and surrendered - 2 were badly wounded. They belonged to the 470th Regt.
Our artillery & machine guns continued heavily bombarding the enemy. Enemy retaliated on our lines shelling HIND SUPPORT. During the day the situation became normal. Patrols were sent out at night to ascertain if concentration of troops was taking place, but no sound of movement was heard from the enemys' lines
Lewis Guns active. Situation normal. Trenches destroyed by shell fire repaired, wiring done at night. Patrol sent out to ascertain if ROTTEN TRENCH was occupied. This was found to be so, but rather lightly held
Trenches cleaned, and repaired where blown in. Lewis guns active. Patrol went out to ascertain if ROTTEN TRENCH was strongly held - single shots fired at intervals - opinion being that it was not strongly held. Enemy artillery active - SHAFT TRENCH and HIND SUPPORT shelled but no damage done. Wiring parties went out at night.
Heavy enemy artillery on our Right about 6/30am. Otherwise the day was quiet
Battalion relieved by 7/8th R.Irish Fusiliers and returned to BELFAST CAMP
Cleaning and checking equipment
Inspection by GOC 49th Inf Bde
Practiced trench to trench attack first by Coys and then as a Battalion. Full marching order parade. Certain officers went to reconnoitre the Centre Subsection
Left BELFAST CAMP and took over Centre Subsection from 2nd R.Dublin Fusiliers. 1 officer (Capt GC Colvill) and 5 OR killed. 2 OR missing and 1 OR slightly wounded during the relief.
In the Field
Battln. holding Centre Subsection - Situation normal - 2 ORs seriously wounded and died
Relieved by 21st Middlesex Rgt & marched back to Belfast Camp ERVILLERS
Battln. left ERVILLERS at 10/30am marched to BARASTRE & occupied billets
Standing to to move at very short notice from BARASTRE. Lewis Gun Class firing
Marched to TINCOURT & billeted there for the night
Battln. marched to ST EMILIE
Occupied posts at Support Outpost Line in front of ST EMILIE from 5.0am to 9.0am & then returned to Billets. Equipment Checked. Battln. left ST EMILIE & relieved the 1st R. Dublin Fusiliers in the Left Section
Battln in Left Section - Situation normal
Situation normal - Repairing trenches etc. - wiring parties at night
Situation quiet during the day - Trenches cleaned etc. During enemy bombardment at night about 25 Germans seen by our post W. side of LEMPIRE RD. proceeded towards PRIEL CUTTING. About 1/2 an hour later portion of this party when returning towards CATELET COPSE, was bombed by our post & also fired on by our Lewis Gun. 2 of the enemy were killed & several believed wounded (identification obtained) 2 of our men were wounded. For gallant conduct the M. Medal was awarded to 1498 Cpl Bolton C. by Corps Commdr. & Parchment Certificate to 4 other ranks by GOC Divn.
Trenches repaired. Enemy artillery active shelling front line from PRIEL FARM to CATELET COPSE (50 shells 3" calibre) Our machine guns active during night. Patrol went to PRIEL FARM & were fired on from vicinity of EAGLE QUARRY
Battln. relieved in evening by 7/8 R. Innis. Fus. & returned to billets at ST EMILIE. Billets shelled & 28 men killed & 40 wounded. Capt. Vernon & 1 OR wounded during relief. Battln moved out of billets & occupied Railway Cutting.
2 Coys had baths at Villers Faucon. Battln mainly occupied cleaning up & erecting bivouacs etc in Railway Cutting
Remaining 2 Coys had baths at Villers Faucon. A working party of 4 officers and 170 ORs was supplied to work under Hants Pioneers in forward area
Improving shelters etc during morning. In afternoon a working party of 4 offrs and 200 men was supplied to work in forward area under Hants Pioneers
Equipment checked - small working parties supplied to Town Major & RE. District heavily shelled at night, 1 man wounded
Battln. relieved by 8/9 R. Dublin Fus and marched to BUIRE and occupied billets vacated by the 2nd R. Dublin Fus. Heavy fall of snow
Battalion rested
Battln. marched to TINCOURT & entrained for VILLERS FAUCON & occupied billets vacated by 6th Leicesters
Baths for half of Battln. Lewis Gun Class resumed
Baths for remainder of Battln
Parades by Coys for inspection & checking of equipment. Left Section of the Right Sector reconnoitered by a party
Church Parades - Relieved 6th Conn Rangers in the Left Section of the Right Sector. Heavy shelling of LEMPIRE VILLAGE during night
Day quiet. Intermittent shelling from 6.0pm. Many shells dropped round Battln. HQ between 7 & 8pm
Heavy shelling of village of LEMPIRE all round Battn HQ at 5/0am. Day was quiet
Enemy aircraft dropped 4 bombs on TOMBOIS FARM at 9/0am - no damage done. Coys in front line were intermittently shelled - no casualties. One man wounded by a stray bullet
A quiet day - more snow fell & visibility bad
Visibility good. Enemy aircraft active, otherwise a quiet day. Intermittent shelling during night
Enemy aircraft active, otherwise a quiet day. Battln was relieved by 7/8 R. Irish Fus. & marched to support line in RONSSOY taking over billets vacated by 7/8th Innis. Fus.
A very quiet day with visibilty bad. Small working parties supplied to RE
A quiet day, working parties of 1 officer and 45 other ranks per Coy were supplied to RE for work on RONSSOY defences
Jan 1
Visibility very good - numerous German aeroplanes came over. Working parties of 1 offr and 45 men per Coy were again supplied to RE. They were seen & promptly shelled & the village was vigorously shelled all day
A quiet day until the evening when LEMPIRE RD and RONSSOY village were heavily shelled from 6 to 8pm & again between 9 and 10pm. Retaliation asked for and given at 10:15pm.
Apart from air activity - a very quiet day
Slightly foggy which interfered with visibility - Battn. was relieved by 8/9 R.Dublin Fusiliers, entrained at ST EMILIE and proceded to billets at TINCOURT.
The whole of the Battn. had baths at MARQUAIX
Working party of 6 offrs and 200 ORs supplied for wiring under RE between RONSSOY and STE EMILIE. Sig/ Sergt. Bolton presented with Military Medal by Gen. Leveson Gower
All Box respirators minutely inspected. Xmas dinner for the men in Cinema TINCOURT
Training of Lewis Gunners continued. PT & Swedish games - Bayonet Fighting
Training as on previous day. All box respirators inspected by Divl. Gas NCO
Proceeded by train to STE EMILIE and marched to relieve the 6th Conn. Rangers in the Right Subsection of the Left Section. The relief was carried out without incident
Quiet day - bad visibility. A patrol of 1 offr & 35 OR was sent out & patrolled the district around little PRIEL FARM & the valley to the East but the enemy was not seen
Quiet day. 2 Patrols of 1 offr & 10 ORs each sent out at night for 3 hrs. Enemy not encountered
Great aerial activity - hostile shelling of HEYTHROP POST and THE NEST. 3 Patrols sent out at night, constg. of 1 off. 20 men, 1 off. 10 men & 1 off . 10 men. The enemy was not encountered.
Quiet day. Front line trenches intermittently shelled and retaliation obtained. Three patrols (1 off & 20, 1 off & 5 and 1 off & 12) sent out at night. No enemy encountered
Front line trenches shelled during morning and retaliation obtained twice. The thaw caused some trenches to be filled with water, particularly those in HEYTHROP LANE. A patrol of 1 off & 20 men were sent out at night, but no enemy was encountered
In the Field
Quiet day. Front line trenches in deplorable conditions owing to thaw. Battln. relieved in front line at night by 7/8 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and marched to Brigade Reserve Line at STE EMILIE
Heavy rain fall. cleaning and checking of equipment. Working parties supplied - 1 Sergt & 20 men to Brigade & 1NCO and 24 ORs to 180 Tunneling Coy working in shifts of 4 hours
Battn had baths at VILLERS FAUCON. Working parties supplied - 1 Sgt & 10 ORs to Brigade HQ & usual parties to 180 Tunneling Coy & Town Major
Quiet day. usual working parties supplied. practiced projected raid
Church Services at VILLERS FAUCON
Usual working parties. Raid practiced
Relieved 7/8th Royal Innis. Fus. in the Right Subsection of the Left Section. Billets in Reserve Line handed over to 7/8 R.Irish Fus.
Intermittent shelling of all parts of the Battn. area. Patrol of 1 officer & 9 ORs was sent out and obtained much valuable information
Quiet day - visibility poor - small patrols out in early morning. Working parties supplied to RE
Enemy barrage was put down on HEYTHROP POST at 4.30am. SOS signal was given and our barrage opened at 4.40am. An infantry attack followed. A listening post of 1 NCO & 6 ORs in LITTLE PRIEL FARM saw an enemy patrol and fired on them. Our patrol returned, but one man (the NCO) is missing. Our artillery shelled the vicinity of LARK POST and EAGLE QUARRY and damaged the wire
Visibility bad owing to heavy mist. Much wiring carried on on the whole front. Contemplated raid postponed
Heavy mist until the afternoon when it began to lift. much work done on improving the posts. Quiet day
Visibility good, much aerial activity. Battalion relieved by 7/8th R.Innis. Fusiliers and moved into Brigade Support occupying positions vacated by them
Working parties supplied to RE at night. Quiet day
Usual parties supplied. Much aerial activity. Baths commenced
Visibility low owing to fog. Some intermittent shelling of area. Continued baths.
Signed up to this point by ADH Lawson Capt & Adjt
In support slight shelling quiet day generally
" " enemy occaisionally shelled XRoads, very quiet
" " quiet day, Relieved by the 1st Royal Dublin Fus, relief completed by 8pm, Batt entrained at St EMILIE for Billets at HAMEL
Day was spent in cleaning up and checking equipment
The day was spent training. Football match in the afternoon A&B v C&S
Training was carried on, two Coys, A&B being at Musketry, each man fired 5rds Grouping, 5rds Application & 10rds Rapid
General Sir H de la P Gough KCB, KCVO visited the Brigade & presented Medal Ribbons to Officers & Other Ranks, two Coys were found for the Guard of Honour
Day was spent training, all Lewis Gunners fired a practice on the 300 yard Range
The Batt relieved the 2nd Royal Irish Regt. at VILLERS FAUCON. Relief was completed by 1pm.
Villers Faucon
A working party of three Officers & 200 OR was working behind RONSSOY wiring, position was shelled & Pte Daly & Pte Haugh were wounded
Upon reorganisation of Brigade 6 Officers & 317 OR joined from the 6th Royal Irish Regt.
Four Officers & 200 OR working on new line of trenches remainder of Batt training Officers revolver competition in the afternoon Lt R G Brewster winning
Training & 200 working party
      "            "         "         "
Church Parades, strict inspection, Battn proceeded to the line 7 relieved the 15th Durham Light Infantry in the Left Sub Sect of the Left Sector
Very quiet, patrols were sent out
Left Sect
Some shelling in the morning, Pte Peel, Pte Hennessey & Pte Fogarty were wounded while on a working party
Enemy air-craft were active a low flying machine fired on men of the Batt wounding Cpl Rodman, Pte Edgehill was also wounded
An inter coy relief took place, B relieving C & S relieving A, slight shelling of front line, when transport was returning after delivering rations enemy air-craft dropped a bomb & killed Cpl Stoker & wounded L/C Hickey, Pte McGarvey, Pte Hartrey. One horse had to be destroyed
Quiet day, strong patrols were sent with the object of obtaining identification but failed
5 am. Enemy put down a barrage on our front line the SOS was fired & replied to, nothing else happened Lt AS Wolfe-Smith & 2Lt J Smythe, Pte Fitzgibbon, Pte Byrne & Pte Rowden were wounded, remainder of the day was quiet
Day quiet, relieved at night by the 2nd Batt Royal Irish Regt. relief was completed by 8.30pm. Batt went into support in EPEHY & took over the EPEHY Defences
Very quiet day
Some slight shelling, working parties found for REDLINE
Very quiet,                  "             "         "      "         "
Some shelling on right in the morning, the Batt relieved the 7/8 Royal Irish Fus. in the Right Sub Sect relief was completed quietly by 8.30pm.
Right Sub Sect
Quiet day some shelling to the right & left of Batt HQ, strong fighting patrols sent out
Back areas were shelled lightly in the morning & more heavily in the afternoon, suddenly relieved by the 8th Batt Leicester Regt. proceeded by march route to VILLERS FAUCON & occupied ADRIAN CAMP
Signed:- BJ Start, Capt+Adjt.
Holding Line EPEHY Sector
Holding Line LEMPIRE Sector. Battn HQ LANCASTER HOUSE. Relieved on night 12/13 by 7/8 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
The Battn moving into Brigade Reserve, manning the RONSOY Defenses, with HQ at RONSOY VILLAGE
Relieved the 2nd Royal Irish Regt in the line, with HQ at BASSE BOULOGNE
Holding the line. S&B Coys in front line: A&C Coys at RONSOY in support
A&C Coys relieved S&B Coys in the front line: S&B Coys going in support at RONSOY

4.30am. The enemy opened a heavy bombardment mostly with gas shells lasting about 4 hours. The morning was very foggy.
8.30am. The enemy attacked and broke through A&C Coys and reached RONSOY VILLAGE before S&B Coys were aware that the attack had commenced. No one of A&B Coys got back to the rest of the Battn, either being killed or taken prisoners. The enemy had practically surrounded the village before HQ and S&B Coys were aware of it, as he had broken through the Division on the right. At this time all the Officers, with the exception of Capt Bridge had become casualties, also the majority of other ranks. The remainder were ordered to withdraw and fought their way back to ST EMILIE where they arrived about 7pm. The strength then was 1 Officer and about 40 Other Ranks which included 5608 Sergt Maloney and 7683 Corpl Harrison. About 9pm. the Battn was relieved by a Battn of the 39th Division, and moved back to VILLERS FAUCON

Enemy continued to attack during the morning. The Battn now forming part of a composite Batt of units of 16th Division fought their way back to TINCOURT WOOD, where they were then formed as a Company of the 49th Brigade Battalion
Continued rear-guard fighting back to RIVER SOMME and over, through PERONNE to BIACHES
The Coy still forming part of the 49th Brigade Battn, took up a position SOUTH of the SOMME near MERICOURT sur SOMME
49th Brigade Battn moved forward to position between CHUIGNOLLES and RIVER SOMME
Retired to position between CHUIGNOLLES and MERICOURT sur SOMME
Retired through MORCOURT and LAMOTTE and took up a position to the EAST of HAMEL WOOD
Holding line EAST of HAMEL WOOD
Officers joining during the month:-

Major F Call DSO 7:3:18, Captain TS Tomlinson 24:3:18

Officers joining off leave during the month:-

2nd Lt TK Wilks 9:3:18, 2nd Lt PJ Gibson DCM 14:3:18, 2nd Lt J McLoughlin 29:3:18, 2nd Lt A Woods MM 31:3:18, Lt R Dease (from hospital) 30:3:18

Officers leaving during the month:-

2nd Lt AP Kennedy to UK pending transfere to Indian Army 7:3:18, Lt Col HE Norton to Tank Corps 7:3:18, 2nd Lt WM Stokes evac to UK (sick) 23:3:18, 2nd Lt RB Woodiwiss to RAF 10:3:18

Officer Casualties during the month:-
Prisoners of War:-

Major F Call DSO 21:3:18, Major JD Morrogh 21:3:18, Capt JM Wardell 21:3:18, a/Capt PK Smith 21:3:18, a/Capt AOC Patman MC 21:3:18, a/Capt JA Watts 21:3:18, Capt + Adjt BJ Start 21:3:18, Lt WS Barrett 21:3:18, Lt JS Matthews 21:3:18, 2nd Lt APB Hadden 21:3:18.

Officers Missing:-

2nd Lt R Conway 21:3:18, 2nd Lt RG Brewster 21:3:18, 2nd Lt PJ Gibson DCM 21:3:18, 2nd Lt FWD Eavis MM 21:3:18, 2nd Lt HJ Jones 21:3:18, 2nd Lt HE Robinson 21:3:18, 2nd Lt CJ Bailey MM 21:3:18.

Officers Died of Wounds:-

Capt TE Morton 27:3:18.

Officers Killed:-

Lt AG Dignam 21:3:18.

Officers Wounded:-

Capt AV Bridge 30:3:18, Lt GA Harris 21:3:18, 2nd Lt G Thornley 22:3:18, 2nd Lt J Saffrey 22:3:18, 2nd Lt DJ McGoey 22:3:18, 2nd Lt J Smyth 21:3:18.

Officers Wounded & Missing:-

Capt WJ Fogarty 21:3:18.

Officers sick to Hospital:-

2nd Lt WA Penhale 9:3:18.

Officers proceeding on Leave during month:-

2nd Lt Woods MM 12:3:18, 2nd Lt JC McLoughlin 12:3:18.

Signed:- J Roche-Kelly, LtCol. Comdg. 7th(SIH) Royal Irish Regt.
Holding the Line at HAMEL WOOD
Relieved and moved to SALEUX en route to reorganizing area
Moved to TOURS-EN-VIMEAU by march route
Re-organizing the Battalion
Moved to WOINCOURT by march route
Marched to EU and entrained there for ARQUES
Detrained at ARQUES and proceeded by march route to CAMPAGNE
Proceeded by march route to WAVRANS
The remnants of the Battn formed "B" Coy of the 49th Inf Bde Composite Battn
Proceded by march route to HERBELLE
Proceeded by march route to STEENBECQUE
The Battalion was employed digging GHQ Line
1 Officer & 106 Other Ranks all ex-cavalry men were sent to cavalry Base for reposting to cavalry units.
106 Other ranks were posted to the 2nd Royal Irish Regt. The remainder of the Battn consisting of 8 Officers and 50 Other Ranks formed a training staff for training American Units. The 1st line Transport with personnel remained with the Training Staff
The Training Staff proceeded by march route to THEROUANNE
Proceeded by march route to ELNES
Training Staff carried out intensive training
Proceede by march route to LEDINGHEM
Training Staff carried out intensive training
Proceeded by march route to THEROUANNE
Officers joining during month:- Major J Roche Kelly MC 12:4:18, and took over Command. Lt FS Brereton 5:4:18.

Officers leaving during month:- Capt R Blockett 18:4:18 to Cavalry Base.

Signed:- J Roche-Kelly, LtCol. Comdg. 7th(SIH) Royal Irish Regt.
Training Staff moved from THEROUANNE to PECQUER by march route
700 Irish Reinforcements, Dublins and Munsters arrived for Digging Defensive Line. These were made up into companies and administered by Training Staff
Work carried out every day under 157 Coy RE
All Irish Reinforcements handed over to the 8th KRRC Training Staff. 7th (SIH) R. Irish Regt. Training Staff moved to DOHEM by march route
Training Staff moved to BLENQUIN by march route
Training Staff moved to SAMER by march route
Training Staff moved to HALINGHEM by march route. First line transport handed over to 16th Division for use of American Army
Training Staff moved to FRENCQ by march route
Commenced training 12th M/Gun Batt and 4th Engineer Regt USA. Instruction carried out daily in Musketry, Bombing, L/Gun, Gas & P&BF also training of Transport personnel
Officers joining during the month:-

Capt H White MC, Royal Dub Fus 1:5:18 as Adjudant; 2nd Lt HF England, 11th Hants Regt 12:5:18 as Lewis Gun Instructor

Officers leaving during the month:-

Lt FS Brereton & 2nd Lt V Hunter both of R. Irish Regt to Base 4:5:18. 2nd Lt J McLoughlin R. Mun Fus to Base 4:5:18

Honours & Awards during month:-
~.Military Medal.~

25133 Cpl J Claxton; 25002 Pte G Adams; 25136 Pte J Cleary.

~Italian Decoration, Bronze Medal for Military Valour~

25182 Sergt JJ Craigie

Strength 31:5:18.       8 Officers     51 Other Ranks

Signed:- J Roche-Kelly, LtCol. Comdg. 7th(SIH) Royal Irish Regt.

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