The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse
"South of Ireland Imperial Yeomanry"
"Officers & Permanent Staff"

     The list shown below was taken from the South of Ireland Yeomanry Club Gazette. This gazette was published for a few years only. I believe from 1903 to 1907, but I may be incorrect on that fact. I was lucky enough to come across two copies which are housed at the National Army Museum in Chelsea London. The second one included a full regimental list of officers, non commissioned officers and men. These lists are reproduced on this and five other pages. Officers and Permanent staff, HQ and the Band, A Squadron, B Squadron, C Squadron and finally D Squadron.
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Rank and Name
Date of rank
Hon Colonel
Field Marshal HRH Arthur WPA
Duke of Connaught and Strathearn,
K.G., K.T., K.P., G.C.B., G.C.S.I.,
Gds A.S., Corps and Col in Chief 6
Dns., High L.I., R Dub Fus and
Rif Brig, Personal A.D.C., to the
King, Insp-Gen of the Forces
19 Mar 04  
Waterford, H. de la P, Marq of K.P 10 Feb 02 Curraghmore, Portlaw.
Major (2nd in command)    
Moore, R. St. L.,C.B., (Hon. Lt-Col. in
Army 1 Aug., 01
13 June 03 Killashee, Naas.
Majors. (4)
Borrowes, Sir K., Bt., Lt-Col. ret. pay 13 June 03 Barretstown Castle, Ballymore-Eustance
Wise, F. H., 13 June 03  
Villiers-Stuart, H.C.W., Capt. ret. pay 18 June 03 Dromana, Cappoquin
Burns-Lindow, I. W., Capt. ret. pay 21 Dec 04 Ballynanty, Kilmalloc, County, Limerick
Williams, L.O., Maj. ret pay (Maj. Res
of Off)
27 Nov 05 Castle Martin, Newbridge
Captians. (4)
Tremayne, J.H., Maj ret pay 8 June 96
24 June 06
Perranarwothal, Cornwall.
Delmege, J.O'G. 13 June 03 Castle Park, Limerick
Somerville, A.C. 18 June 04 Tally Ho, Castle Townshend, Co Cork
Lieuts. and 2nd Lieuts. (13)
Fitzgerald, D.F.L., (Knight of Glin) 13 June 03 Glin Caslte, Glin, Co Limerick
2nd Lieutenants
Hewson, L.L., M.V.O., (Hon Capt in
Army 7 Feb 03
27 June 03 Dereem, Kenmare
Furlong, N.C.B. 27 June 03 Richmond, Fermoy
Phelps, E.L. 21 May 04 Glenwood, Six Mile Bridge, Co Clare
Ball, W.H. 23 June 04 Fort Fergus, County Clare
Levinge, Sir R.W., Bt. 18 Feb 05 Knockdrin Castle, Mullingar
Gethin, R.G., (Hon. Capt in the Army
19 Oct 00)
24 June 05 Curraghmore, Portlaw.
Goulding, W.L.A. 24 June 05 Millicent, Salins.
O'Grady, G. 24 June 05 49 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin
Cotter, Sir J.L., Bt 24 June 05 Ballymagooley, Mallow
Matthew, D.S., Capt 17 Lrs
(Capt in the Army 3 Oct 03)
1 Nov 05 Curragh Chase, Limerick
Bayliss, J.W., (Hon Lt in Army 7 Feb
03) hon lt.
13 June 03 Upper Castle Yard, Dublin
MacCabe, F.F., M.B., Surg-Lt 30 July 03 Park Cottage, Sandyford, Co Dublin

Permanent Staff
R.S.M Nelson, A (late 8th Hussars) Artillery Barracks, Limerick
S.S.M Kilshaw J. (late 8th Hussars) A.Squadron, Beggars Bush Barracks, Dublin
S.S.M Prentice, J.F. (late 13th Hussars) B. Squadron, Artillery Barracks, Limerick
S.S.M Joice, W.E. (late 8th Hussars) C. Squadron, Glen House, Ballyvolane, Dublin
S.S.M Hughes, J.J. (late 8th Hussars) D. Squadron, Beggars Bush Barracks, Dublin

Source document: South of Ireland Yeomanry Club Gazette circa 1906

SSM, Squadron Sergeant Major. SQMS, Squadron Quater Master Sergeant . L-Sergt, Lance Sergeant. L-Corp, Lance Corporal. S-S, Shoeing Smith. S Smith, Shoeing Smith.

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