The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse
"South of Ireland Imperial Yeomanry"
"A Squadron"

     The list shown below was taken from the South of Ireland Yeomanry Club Gazette. This gazette was published for a few years only. I believe from 1903 to 1907, but I may be incorrect on that fact. I was lucky enough to come across two copies which are housed at the National Army Museum in Chelsea London. The second one included a full regimental list of officers, non commissioned officers and men. These lists are reproduced on this and five other pages. Officers and Permanent staff, HQ and the Band, A Squadron, B Squadron, C Squadron and finally D Squadron.
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48 SSM Morton TE 129 Trooper Gahan RHT
29 SQMS Johnson AJ 15 Trooper Gibson GY
90 Sergeant Dolan T 136 Trooper Gifford RF
1 Sergeant Haughton AJ 46 Trooper Grant CW
3 Sergeant Kearney J 76 Trooper Gray T
59 Sergeant Sands TJ 100 Trooper Harris WH
38 Sergeant Redmond mp 125 Trooper Hamilton W
108 L-Sergt Griffin CM 92 Trooper Haddock WC
26 L-Sergt Murphey EJ 94 Trooper Hearne EPV
70 S Farrier Walsh MP 97 Trooper Hunt H
118 Corporal Aimers JM 36 Trooper Jackson D
35 Corporal Gasteen CK 51 Trooper Jones S
99 Corporal Mansfield H 15 Trooper Joyce EF
83 Corporal Roche FC 66 Trooper Keatinge RH
8 L Corpl Meyers HD 102 Trooper King JA
32 L Corpl Phibbs TRH 117 Trooper Langram W
42 L Corpl Cooley WJ 82 Trooper Larminie JPA
45 L Corpl Daniel A 88 Trooper Ledwich JG
14 L Corpl Rice EW 146 Trooper Linney GH
50 L Corpl Johnston RH 39 Trooper Lisney H
86 L Corpl Barlee WL 103 Trooper Lynch C
47 Trumpeter Howe E 41 Trooper Lyon TM
128 Trumpeter Martin W 61 Trooper Manley R
96 Saddler Lyons SC 98 Trooper Marshall SH
p37 Trooper Adams N 138 Trooper Martin AES
107 Trooper Aylward JH 95 Trooper M'Keown F
124 Trooper Beattie VG 109 Trooper Miller ES
21 Trooper Bennison FWF 55 Trooper Murphy S
133 Trooper Blue H 44 Trooper Murphy E
116 Trooper Bonis RJ 104 Trooper Murphy M
126 Trooper Brennan G 124 Trooper Murray KA
43 Trooper Brown RW 140 Trooper O'Connor EJ
114 Trooper Brown RA 142 Trooper Rafter AP
149 Trooper Brown J 132 Trooper Reiley T
57 Trooper Brunicardi DN 105 Trooper Richardson JJB
78 Trooper Butler EM 67 Trooper Rooney SB
123 Trooper Butler WDE 62 Trooper Roche WP
144 Trooper Butler JS 89 Trooper Rudd TA
130 Trooper Clarke P 79 Trooper Scott SA
135 Trooper Cooney AP p21 Trooper Smith CW
p50 Trooper Croome H 141 Trooper Smyth PJ
11 Trooper Cunningham JH 63 Trooper Stirling R
139 Trooper Cunningham D 113 Trooper Taylor AC
52 Trooper Cuthbert J 122 Trooper Triscott C
56 Trooper Daunt HH 47 Trooper Trotter JA
245 Trooper Denham WK 5 Trooper Usher RH
60 Trooper Dorgan Y 7 Trooper Warner CE
93 Trooper Dubb JW 64 Trooper Wheatley WG
12 Trooper Emerson AT 40 Trooper Wilson JEH
91 Trooper Fetherston TR 58 Trooper Wilson AJ
113 Trooper Fletcher RM 147 Trooper Wilson CV
119 Trooper Farlow Y 148 Trooper Wilson WH

Source document: South of Ireland Yeomanry Club Gazette circa 1906

SSM, Squadron Sergeant Major. SQMS, Squadron Quater Master Sergeant . L-Sergt, Lance Sergeant.
L-Corp, Lance Corporal. S-S, Shoeing Smith. S Smith, Shoeing Smith.

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