The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse
"South of Ireland Imperial Yeomanry"

"B Squadron "

     The list shown below was taken from the South of Ireland Yeomanry Club Gazette. This gazette was published for a few years only. I believe from 1903 to 1907, but I may be incorrect on that fact. I was lucky enough to come across two copies which are housed at the National Army Museum in Chelsea London. The second one included a full regimental list of officers, non commissioned officers and men. These lists are reproduced on this and five other pages. Officers and Permanent staff, HQ and the Band, A Squadron, B Squadron, C Squadron and finally D Squadron.
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161 SSM Blood F 215 Trooper Falney J
150 SQMS Lloyd T 229 Trooper Featherstone E
153 Sergeant Grosso A 228 Trooper Frost P
173 Sergeant Windle J 204 Trooper Goggin E
179 Sergeant Costello F 195 Trooper Hartigan W
174 Sergeant Charleton E 241 Trooper Hawker W
180 Saddler Sergt Prendergast T 209 Trooper Henning R
202 Farrier Sergt Wall J 218 Trooper Hipwell H
172 L-Sergt Laffan AC 243 Trooper Hill W
182 L-Sergt White F 244 Trooper Honner J
220 Corporal Dobbs JL 160 Trooper Hodgins  
162 Corporal Kelly IB 198 Trooper Hodgson J
186 Corporal Hunt R 201 Trooper Hogans E
191 Corporal O'Brien J 207 Trooper Hunt J
175 Corporal Charleton W 230 Trooper Horne W
164 Corporal Hinds V 232 Trooper Johnston JS
197 L-Corpl Keating J 183 Trooper Keefe J
163 L-Corpl Rowe W 192 Trooper Kelly FR
185 L-Corpl M'Loughlin J 200 Trooper Kennedy T
254 L-Corpl Condon C 249 Trooper Kent GE
253 L-Corpl Hibberd S 248 Trooper Kent TR
247 L-Corpl Daly J 184 Trooper Lacey J
190 L-Corpl Forte GK 233 Trooper Lee G
210 L-Corpl Johnston J 256 Trooper M'Dowell W
255 L-Corpl Kelly JR 234 Trooper M'Kenna R
159 L-Corpl Claxton T 261 Trooper M'Namara P
154 L-Corpl Jackson B 170 Trooper Mitchell F
238 S-S-Corpl Taylor A 155 Trooper Nethercott S
260 S-Smith Smith E 181 Trooper Owens M
231 Trumpeter Holliday T 156 Trooper Parr H
167 Trooper Bennett W 221 Trooper Porter G
222 Trooper Bentley D 235 Trooper Petit R
188 Trooper Brereton G 258 Trooper Powell S
240 Trooper Cantwell J 245 Trooper Quinlan J
226 Trooper Carter G 259 Trooper Shaw T
219 Trooper Cole J 203 Trooper Shanahan M
224 Trooper Cole JW 168 Trooper Sheedy M
211 Trooper Cox J 237 Trooper Seale EG
225 Trooper Cox W 236 Trooper Smith WJ
223 Trooper Crowe J 257 Trooper Smith S
242 Trooper Clifford F 103 Trooper Switzer R
178 Trooper Darby T 157 Trooper Thompson E
158 Trooper Deverell   239 Trooper Wallace R
251 Trooper Delaney G 199 Trooper Whelan J
252 Trooper Delaney E 194 Trooper Wright A
227 Trooper Dobbin W 214 Trooper Woods W
206 Trooper Doogue W        

Source document: South of Ireland Yeomanry Club Gazette circa 1906

SSM, Squadron Sergeant Major. SQMS, Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant . L-Sergt, Lance Sergeant.
L-Corp, Lance Corporal. S-S, Shoeing Smith. S Smith, Shoeing Smith.

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