The South Irish Horse
"Regimental List of the South of Ireland Imperial Yeomanry"

     The list shown below was taken from the South of Ireland Yeomanry Club Gazette. This gazette was published for a few years only. I believe from 1903 to 1907, but I may be incorrect on that fact. I was lucky enough to come across two copies which are housed at the National Army Museum in Chelsea London. The second one included a full regimental list of officers, non commissioned officers and men. These lists are reproduced on this and five other pages. Officers and Permanent staff, HQ and the Band, A Squadron, B Squadron, C Squadron and finally D Squadron.
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"C Squadron "

304 SSM Davis W 385 Trooper Grey G
325 SQMS Maccabe D 403 Trooper Greenish J
326 Sergeant Byers T 101 Trooper Good A
320 Sergeant Purdon C 407 Trooper Goode T
396 Sergeant Browne D 366 Trooper Helditch J
408 Sergeant Goode J
Trooper Heffernan G
378 L-Sergt Willoughby W 326 Trooper Hoie E
315 L-Sergt Hanan J 406 Trooper Hungerford G
329 Farrier-Sergt Hornibrook H 379 Trooper Hunter A
308 Trump-Sergt Jones W 368 Trooper Hyde A
354 Corporal Matthews C 377 Trooper Jones E
391 Corporal Clebburne C 332 Trooper Keily A
374 Corporal Clayden G 419 Trooper Kelly M
352 Corporal M'Donagh J 358 Trooper Kenny G
334 L-Corp Frost W 398 Trooper Kirwan A
394 L-Corp Crotty A 317 Trooper Leary T
367 L-Corp Chambers F 414 Trooper Lendrum A
382 L-Corp Kennedy T 362 Trooper Linney J
331 L-Corp Harris R 323 Trooper Lombard M
388 L-Corp Walker H 328 Trooper Martin R
355 L-Corp Wood R 413 Trooper M'Auliffe D
307 Trumpeter Dunne W 372 Trooper M'Clean J
400 Trumpeter Morris C 373 Trooper M'Cullagh F
364 S-S Hornibrook H 309 Trooper M'Ilwaith W
415 S-S Goode TA 412 Trooper Mitchell J
314 Trooper Atfield H 330 Trooper Morris W
310 Trooper Bateman N 365 Trooper Nash J
360 Trooper Bannon W 389 Trooper Nicholson C
375 Trooper Bannon S 416 Trooper O'Brien D
386 Trooper Barber J 363 Trooper Patchell E
353 Trooper Beamish G 393 Trooper Patchell T
  Trooper Beamish J 411 Trooper Pericho P
  Trooper Beddoes H 312 Trooper Ross C
  Trooper Borthistle J 361 Trooper Rockett E
351 Trooper Boucher W 381 Trooper Roe J
  Trooper Boyler m   Trooper Ryan J
  Trooper Brabazon J 322 Trooper Salter T
418 Trooper Brennan J 357 Trooper Shanahan B
404 Trooper Carson T 380 Trooper Shiel J
  Trooper Caldbeck J   Trooper St Clair J
370 Trooper Connor W   Trooper Scanlon E
392 Trooper Cotter F 387 Trooper Stacey T
384 Trooper Cobbe J 397 Trooper Stoakes J
356 Trooper Coombs J 313 Trooper Sutton T
417 Trooper Daunt H   Trooper Sykes A
401 Trooper Dennehy M 376 Trooper Tallis F
335 Trooper Dixon W 350 Trooper Twiney M
306 Trooper Duncan W 410 Trooper Twiney J
383 Trooper Elmes R 371 Trooper Walsh G
400 Trooper Fennell J   Trooper Walsh A
333 Trooper Flynn T    Trooper Walker J
402 Trooper Foley D 405 Trooper Weldon R
369 Trooper Freeman W            

Source document: South of Ireland Yeomanry Club Gazette circa 1906

SSM, Squadron Sergeant Major. SQMS, Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant . L-Sergt, Lance Sergeant.
L-Corp, Lance Corporal. S-S, Shoeing Smith. S Smith, Shoeing Smith.

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