The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse
"South of Ireland Imperial Yeomanry"

"D Squadron "

     The list shown below was taken from the South of Ireland Yeomanry Club Gazette. This gazette was published for a few years only. I believe from 1903 to 1907, but I may be incorrect on that fact. I was lucky enough to come across two copies which are housed at the National Army Museum in Chelsea London. The second one included a full regimental list of officers, non commissioned officers and men. These lists are reproduced on this and five other pages. Officers and Permanent staff, HQ and the Band, A Squadron, B Squadron, C Squadron and finally D Squadron.
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420 SSM Robinson CL 552 Trooper Guilfoyle JH
421 SQMS Eggers JC 453 Trooper Hackett RS
81 Sergeant Sandford WSB 454 Trooper Halpin G
338 Sergeant Stewart JB 510 Trooper Halpin WO
422 Sergeant Blake HC 455 Trooper Hammond E
423 Sergeant Wright RP 85 Trooper Hart HP
45 Sergeant Daniel A 433 Trooper Holmes MH
424 L-Sergt Molony W 456 Trooper Kerney T
466 Corporal M'Claughrey WJ 525 Trooper Kelly J
87 Corporal Franks TW 457 Trooper Kelly M
426 Corporal Chambers J 522 Trooper Kennedy FR
427 Corporal Jessop AW 458 Trooper Keogh RJ
428 Corporal Guthrie F 519 Trooper Kinkead RGCM
429 L-Corpl Guthrie R 342 Trooper Layng AE
430 L-Corpl Woods EH 459 Trooper Lett P
431 L-Corpl Black PM 460 Trooper Levis GS
432 L-Corpl O'Brien Butler 509 Trooper Long SD
471 L-Corpl Owen AR 461 Trooper M'Donald D
479 L-Corpl Shannon DA 524 Trooper Lugton JA
434 Trumpeter Waugh ET 462 Trooper Magill R
526 Trumpeter Daniel HM 463 Trooper Maguire JF
435 Trooper Allen WR 464 Trooper Maiben EA
436 Trooper Alton EK 465 Trooper Manico FE
437 Trooper Aldridge RJ 341 Trooper Mayne V
438 S-Farrier Barker W 467 Trooper M'Keisue MC
80 Trumpter Barton CM 513 Trooper Moore EL
439 Trumpter Beveridge GOH 468 Trooper O'Brien C
444 Trumpter Black GM 521 Trooper O'Connor GL
517 Trumpter Bourne TH 470 Trooper Orr FC
441 Trumpter Burke F 216 Trooper Orr TP
511 Trumpter Burke JE 472 Trooper Peat JH
442 Trumpter Burnell CJ 474 Trooper Proctor JCB
212 Trumpter Bradford S 518 Trooper Tomkins WJ
68 Trumpter Carey TN 346 Trooper Tyrell HC
443 Trumpter Comyns AA 485 Trooper Ussher WJ
444 Trumpter Connolly JP 343 Trooper Vickery GS
512 Trumpter Cooper JIH 344 Trooper Whelan RH
443 Trumpter Cox TSLO 486 Trooper M'Donnell S
445 Trumpter Curran J 477 Trooper Robinson WC
446 Trumpter Dickie TW 514 Trooper Quinn RP
447 Trumpter Dunne WJ 475 Trooper Rae GF
527 Trumpter English RS 476 Trooper Ritchie WG
84 L-Corpl Farrna EC 340 Trooper Russell W
515 Trooper Fennell WH 478 Trooper Ryan JE
516 Trooper Furlong Jas 337 Trooper Sandford PP
347 Trooper Garston EJ 71 Trooper Scholefield RJ
520 Trooper Gahan RB 480 Trooper Shannon H
339 Trooper Garston WF 481 Trooper Stout RT
448 Trooper Gillespie T 482 Trooper St George AF
110 Trooper Goodbody HE 483 Trooper Taaffe AV
449 Trooper Goodwillie PN 348 Trooper Taylor DB
528 Trooper Gray AE 73 Trooper Thacker WS
523 Trooper Grone C 484 Trooper Thompson W

Source document: South of Ireland Yeomanry Club Gazette circa 1906

SSM, Squadron Sergeant Major. SQMS, Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant . L-Sergt, Lance Sergeant.
L-Corp, Lance Corporal. S-S, Shoeing Smith. S Smith, Shoeing Smith.

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