The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse

Starting off just attempting to identify the uniform of a member of my family from a single photograph and look where I've ended up!! This is the latest of many pages covering part of the military aspect from my family history.

As the title above suggests this page deals with the medals and awards granted to and earned by men from the South Irish Horse, both the Yeomanry and the Special Reserve regiments are covered.

Gallantry Awards

The awards section of this page can be divided into two main parts, the Mention in Despatches and the gallantry medals themselves. Both of which can be found within the London Gazette entries pages linked from the main gazette page here. In time I will compile separate pages for these, for the present they are arranged in date order amongst the officer commissions entries.


Campaign Medals

The pages linked from the table below give lists of men who were awarded two or other of the four medals from the First World War given in the table. There is a short explanation of the medals on each of the relevant pages, my aim not being to describe the medals but to list the reciptiants of the medals. That said, a short note is warranted here. Most men who took part in the First World War will be entitled to the British War & Victory Medals. The other two medals are granted depending on the date of arrival in the theatre of war. It must be noted that only one of these will be granted to an individual, never both.

The 1914 Star list was the first and the easiest to compile, all the men being contained in one section of the relevant medal book held at Kew in London England. The next medal the 1914 1915 Star was slightly more difficult. By the time the roll was completed in 1919, the men had, for the most part, been moved into an infantry role and were mixed in with the rest of the Royal Irish Regiment. Eight books with around one thousand names in each, sifting through those took a bit of time. To compound the problem some men had been transferred to other regiments, many of these mens names may stay hidden from us for quite a while. A fair portion of names were found in the Hussar medal roll, the SIH is designated as a Hussar regiment so this is where the remaining cavalrymen are listed. The Corps of Hussars regimental number, where applicable, is given on both the 1914 - 1915 Star and the British War & Victory Medal rolls.

Now we have mentioned it the same applies to the British War & Victory Medal roll, there being no seperate list for the SIH. The men appearing in both the Royal Irish Regiment list and the Hussars of the line list. Some men may also be in either of the Dragoons or Lancers rolls. These records are a bit of a pain to check for, because the rolls have been microfilmed, great for making the records available to a wider audience, not so great if you want to complete a trawl of the whole roll as we are doing.

   The 1914 Star
Listed on one page
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      The 1914 - 1915 Star
Listed on four pages, arranged by date.
   September 1915
  The British War & Victory Medals
Listed alphabetically
{Still being compiled}

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