The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse
"London Gazette Entries"

During a routine browse of the shelves on the sixth floor in the Birmingham central library, I discovered a book giving the War Service of British Army Officers, covering the First World War and up to 1920. I have since discovered that not all officers who have war service are included within the book, however one or two were of interest to me, the first one I.W.Burnes-Lindow, was listed as a Major in the South Irish Horse. His war service entry gave a reference to a mention in despatches for 20th October 1914. Now I already knew that such entries would appear in a paper called the London Gazette. My second home, the central Birmingham library have copies of the London Gazette from 1914 up to 1920 and many more besides.

The London Gazette was first published in 1665, is the oldest, continuously published newspaper in the United Kingdom. Within the Gazette are notices covering, the granting of military commissions, military promotions, awards of many kinds and a few general entries of interest. Along side this are many dispatches written concerning actions which were taking place in all theatres of war during the period 1914 to 1919. It was in one of these despatches that Major I.W.Burnes-Lindows name appeared. Finding the Major Burnes-Lindow entry was the start of what has become a very time consuming, complete trawl of these papers. It is my intention to find all entries relating to Officers and men of the South Irish Horse. As you can see from the 1914 Star list many men achieved a commission, these men are also included in my yearly lists, linked below from a table. However as many of then were commissioned into other regiments and corps they will not be included in the list of South Irish Horse Officers.

Linked from the table below is the first page covering the first year of WW1, 1914. The other years will follow as they are completed. The entries continue upto 1920 as many men were "Gazetted" after the war finished and some were granted awards as part of the Army of Occupation.

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