The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse
"Officers of the South of Ireland Imperial Yeomanry and the South Irish Horse"

For the purpose of this page the term SIH will be taken to include each of the following British Army units. The South of Ireland Imperial Yeomanry, The South Irish Horse and the 7th Battalion (SIH) The Royal Irish Regiment. The following table is my attempt to show all those men who held commissions in the British Army and who served with one or more of the above named units.
This list gives as many officers of the SIH that I have found so far. From it's earliest time, 1902, right up to the disbandment in 1922. The position of Honorary Colonel of the regiment, was filled by the Duke of Connaught and Strathearn. None other than the third son of Queen Victoria, His Royal Highness Alfred William Patrick Albert born in 1860 died in 1942.

The information in this table has been taken from various printed British Army lists. The lists I used are Harts yearly lists, which were printed up to 1915 and the official monthly and quarterly lists covering the period 1903, when the first entry was made to the last entry in 1922. The notes give further information from the printed sources. The other regiments column gives just that, in the majority of cases these were officers in retirement, who were recalled to serve in the SIH. The list is not exhaustive and I shall be adding more names, dates and notes as I discover them.
For a key to some of the abbreviations see the bottom of the page. For the main SIH page click here.

Other Name
Gallentry & Title
Other Regiments
Officers Rank & Date Attained
Anderson Neville Andrew Ramsay   2nd Lt,5Dec14. Lieut, 29Jan16. Capt, 24Jun18. attd City of Lond Yeo
Aylward Thomas Benjamin   2nd Lt,1May17. Lieut, 1Nov18.  
Bailey Joshua MM   2nd Lt,27Dec17. 1918 commissioned from ranks
Ball William Hawkins Irish Gds 2nd Lt,23Jun04.  
Bankes Edward Nugent 2 DG Capt, 12Sep08. Adj Jan 1912
Barr Samuel Tudor 3rd Hussars Lieut, 6Jun06. Lt ret pay
Barrett William Sydney   2nd Lt,10Dec15. Lieut, 1Jul17. On Prob Apr 1916
Bayliss James William   Lieut, 13Jun03. Capt, 13Jun06. Quarter Master (Hon Lt in Army 7Feb03) hon Capt 13Jun06
Bellew Bryan Bertram MC RFA 2nd Lt,7Jun17. Lieut, 30Nov18. 2nd date 15Aug14 Aug 18 list
Bence-Jones Campbell William Winthorp   2nd Lt,15Aug14. Lieut, 29Jan16.  
Berry Harold Ernest   Lieut, 28Mar08. Capt, 6Feb09. Maj, 9Apr12. Ltret pay (H)
Bignell William Arthur   2nd Lt,26Aug16. Lieut, 26Feb18. Empld Corps Cav Regt Mar 17 list,On Prob Adjt Dec 1916
Blackett Ralph   Lieut, 8May12. Capt, 17Feb15. Capt ret pay Res of Off
Borrowes Kildare {Sir} 11 Hrs Maj, 13Jun03. Lt Col ret pay
Brewster Richard Gardiner   2nd Lt,17Feb17. Employed Corps cav regt Aug17
Brocklebank Herbert   2nd Lt,30May17. Lieut, 1Nov18.  
Brodie John Cecil   2nd Lt,3Feb15. Lieut, 1Mar16. Employed Corps cav regt Aug17
Brooke Francis Hugh K R Rif C Lieut, 8May12. Capt, 17Jul15. Late Lt K.R.Rif C (Adjt Corps Cav Regt 7Aug16)
Brooke Basil Gerald   2nd Lt,15Aug14. on prob 1915 list
Brown Eric Edward   2nd Lt,21Dec16. Temp 2nd Lt Aug17 list
Browne Gerald Ralph Desmond {Hon}   2nd Lt,17Feb15. 1915 resign commission,on prob Aug15 list
Browne-Clayton Robert Clayton DSO   Maj, 2Nov07. Lt Col, 1Jan17. Maj ret pay (res of Off) (22May09) (temp Brig Gen Mar 1917listtemp Lt-Col)(temp lt-Col 16th Bn Chess R 1917
Bryan Loftus Anthony   2nd Lt,10May09. Lieut, 10May14. Capt, 20Oct15. Flying Officer Royal Flying Corps
Burgoyne Gerald Achilles 3rd Dragoons Capt, 17May10. Capt ret pay
Burns-Lindow Isaac William DSO 8 Hrs Capt, 7Apr02. Maj, 21Dec04. Lt Col, 22May17. Maj (Capt) (Adjt) (temp Lt-col 14Jun16
Call Felix DSO Liverpool Regt   1917 Maj act Lt-Col from Liverpool Regt 1918 DSO
Chilcott William John   2nd Lt,4Sep13. Lieut, 4Sep12. Capt, 18Oct14. Quarter Master Hon Lt (Hon Capt 1Jul17 in Aug & Jun 18 lists
Clay Bernard Augustine   2nd Lt,9Sep14. Temp 2nd Lt
Colthurst Charles James 3Bn R Innis Fus 1889-90 2nd Lt,1Apr07. Lieut, 29Jan16. Late Lt 3rd Bn Res of Off 1Apr07, (Missing from 1908 Harts)
Colthurst George Oliver   2nd Lt,15Aug14. Lieut, 20Oct15. Capt, 11Oct16. 2nd Lt 28Sep14 in Aug15 list
Colvill George Chaigneau   2nd Lt,15Aug14. Lieut, 20Oct15. Capt, 27Oct16.  
Connaught & Strathern Arthur William Patrick Albert {Duke}   Lieut, 19Jun1868. Capt, 1May1871. Maj, 7Aug1875. Lt Col, 27Sep1876. Hon Col SIY 19Mar1904 Hon Col SIH 7Jul1908.Maj Gen 1880, Lieut Gen 1889, Gen 1893, Field Marshal 1902. General commanding the forces in Ireland 1900-4
Conway Richard   2nd Lt,16Dec17. 1918 commissioned from ranks
Conyngham Victor George Henry Francis {Marquis}   2nd Lt,15Aug14. Lieut, 20Oct15. Marq 2nd Lt 17Sep14 in Aug15 list
Costello Francis Blake   2nd Lt,20Nov15. Lieut, 27Oct16. On Prob Apr 1916
Cotter James Laurence {Sir}   2nd Lt,24Jun05. Bt
Cox Patrick John   2nd Lt,17Apr17. Lieut, 17Oct18. attd City of Lond Yeo Aug 18 list
Crone Arthur John   2nd Lt,17Apr17. Lieut, 17Oct18. attd City of Lond Yeo Aug 18 list
Dease Richard   2nd Lt,13Aug15. Lieut, 27Oct16. On Prob Apr & Dec 1916 & Mar 17 list
Decies John Graham Hope de la Pore DSO  {Lord}   Lt Col, 20Jan12. DSO Maj ret pay (res of Off) (Spec Appt 20Jan12
Delmege James O'Grady 4th D Grds Capt, 13Jun03. Delmege 1915 listed with 4th "Royal Irish" Dragoon Guards, since killed in action this is his son
Dignan Cecil Joseph Burke   2nd Lt,28Jan17. Lieut, 28Jul18.  
Dignan Charles Alfred   2nd Lt,2Jan16. Lieut, 2Jul17. On Prob Apr & Dec 1916
Dignan Albert Guy   2nd Lt,3Sep15. Lieut, 11Oct16. On Prob Apr 1916
Dobbs Richard Sealy Swan RFA 2nd Lt,6Jul17. Lieut, 6Jul17.  
Dudgeon Joseph Hume   2nd Lt,14May12.  
Dwyer Walter   2nd Lt,29Feb16. Lieut, 2Jul17. 2nd date in Aug16 list 9Nov15,On Prob Apr 1916
Eaves Frederick William MM   2nd Lt,27Dec17. 1918 commissioned from ranks
Egan William   2nd Lt,24Aug17. Quarter master 7th SIH R Ir Regt
Ferguson Walter James   2nd Lt,21Dec16. Lieut, 21Jun18. Empld Corps Cav Regt Mar 17 list
Firth Edward Loxley   2nd Lt,10Aug14. Lieut, 20Oct15. Capt, 1Mar16.  
Fitzgerald Desmond John L 3 Bn R Dub Fus Lieut, 13Jun03. Knight of Glinn (late Capt) DFL in May08 & Dec08
FitzGerald Maurice Robert   2nd Lt,13Oct14.  
FitzHerbert Arnold Vesey MC   2nd Lt,4Sep14. Lieut, 20Oct15. Capt, 1Mar16. on prob 1915 list
Fogarty William Joseph A   2nd Lt,4Nov14. Lieut, 29Jan16.  
Forbes Godfrey James MC   Capt, 17Aug17. Spec Empld Capt 9Mar15 in 7th bn R Ir Regt ? Where from
Furlong Noel Charles Bell   2nd Lt,27Jun03. Lieut, 19May09. Capt, 17Aug14. Maj, 2Nov17. Empld 7 Bn R.Ir.Regt Aug 18 list
Gaynor George James   2nd Lt,28Jan17. Lieut, 28Jul18.  
Gethin Randolph George   2nd Lt,24Jun05. Lieut, 6Apr08. (Hon Capt in Army 19Oct03) (26Apr08 for Lieu in Dec08 list)
Gillespie Albert Herbert   2nd Lt,17Apr17. Lieut, 17Oct18. attd City of Lond Yeo Aug 18 list
Goulding William Linguard Amphlett   2nd Lt,24Jun05. Lieut, 19May09.  
Greene Terence Kendal   2nd Lt,8Jul17. Lieut, 8Jan19. attd Notts Yeo Aug 18 list
Hadden Addison Barnes Perrott MC   2nd Lt,21Dec16. Lieut, 21Jun18. Empld Corps Cav Regt Mar 17 list, AB Perrott
Hamilton Edward   2nd Lt,20Nov15. Lieut, 27Oct16. On Prob Apr 1916
Hamilton-Stubber Robert DSO   Capt, 6Dec06. Maj, 7Aug14. Capt ret pay (attd 1LG)
Hanaghan A   2nd Lt,5Nov17.  
Hankey Sandford Raymond Alers DSO   Capt, 17Aug12. Maj, 5Feb16. Capt ret pay (28Jan10) (Deputy Asst Dir of Remounts, SouthernCommand 26 Jan 1910
Hanratty Simon Edward   2nd Lt,20Nov15. Lieut, 27Oct16. attd City of Lond Yeo Aug 18 list,On Prob Apr 1916
Harris George Arthur   2nd Lt,22Dec15. Lieut, 1Jul17. On Prob Apr 1916
Henderson Frank{Hon} 7 Hrs Lieut, 21Jul16. Temp Lt Hon F late Lt 7Hrs Aug17list
Henry Albert William   2nd Lt,21Dec16. Temp 2nd Lt Aug17 list
Hewson Lionel Lloyd {MVO}   2nd Lt,27Jun03. Lieut, 19May09. Hon Capt in Army 7Feb03(MVO)
Hodgson C B   2nd Lt,23Oct14. Temp 2nd Lt,Aug17 list
Holford T PA   Lieut, 9Dec16. Employed Corps cav regt Aug17
Jago Richard Kingston MM   2nd Lt,17Apr17.  
Jago William George S   2nd Lt,25Aug17. attd Notts Yeo Aug 18 list
Jameson Allen Taylor   2nd Lt,17Apr17. Lieut, 17Oct18. attd City of Lond Yeo Aug 18 list
Jameson Geoffrey James   2nd Lt,13Aug14. Lieut, 20Oct15. Capt, 11Oct16. Geoffrey James
Jameson Henry D'Arcy   2nd Lt,14May15. Lieut, 13Mar16. On Prob Apr 1916
Jennings Francis Montgomery 8 Hrs   Capt in army 16Apr01 Adjt
Joyce Walter   2nd Lt,23Jan15. Lieut, 1Mar16.  
Kelso Wallie Duncan   2nd Lt,17Apr17. Lieut, 17Oct18.  
Kent Harold Carden   2nd Lt,28Jan17. Lieut, 28Jul18. Employed Corps cav regt Aug17
Kent Roland Victor   2nd Lt,20Nov15. Lieut, 1Jul17.  
Kirk Cyril Gage Pardo   2nd Lt,7Feb14. Lieut, 10Apr15. Capt, 20Oct15. To join 17th Lancers 15Jul15
Larkin James 13th Hrs 2nd Lt,16Nov16. 1916 commissioned from ranks
Lawson Alexander Henry Drummond   Capt, 21Dec16. Capt Adjt Aug18 list for 7th SIH R Ir Regt
Levinge Richard William {Sir} 8 Hrs 2nd Lt,18Feb05. Lieut, 19May09. Sir (Bt) Lieu
Long Eugene Joseph   2nd Lt,28Jan17. Lieut, 28Jul18. Employed Corps cav regt Aug17
MacAuley Charles Patrick   2nd Lt,20Nov15. Lieut, 27Oct16. On Prob Apr 1916
MacCabe Frederick Faber   Lieut, 30Jul03. Capt, 5Feb07. Maj, 4Aug14. Lt Col, 1Jan18. Medical officer Surg Lt, Surg capt, 1914Surg maj bt Lt col 1Jan18 in Aug1918 list
Maslin Henry Edward   2nd Lt,19Oct19. Lieut, 19Apr20.  
Matthews Durham Stanley 17 Lrs Capt, 1Nov05. Adjutant (Capt in Army 3Oct03)
Matthews James Stanley   2nd Lt,13Jan15. Lieut, 29Jan16.  
McCalmont Dermot Hugh Bingham MC 7 Hrs Lieut, 26Jun11. Capt, 28Nov12. Capt Adj (28Nov12)Capt in Army 9Aug13
McCarroll Hugh   2nd Lt,22Dec15. Lieut, 1Jul17. Hugh,On Prob Apr & Dec 1916 & Mar 17
McClintock Arthur George DSO   Maj, 16Jan17.  
McDonald George Robert   2nd Lt,25Aug17. Lieut, 25Feb19. attd Notts YeoAug 18 list
Metge Cusack Henry J   2nd Lt,1May17. Lieut, 1Nov18. attd City of Lond Yeo Aug 18 list,CH James
Mitchell Stuart Jocelyn R Ir Rif 2nd Lt,1Mar17. Lieut, 18Sep18.  
Moore Richard St Leger Roy Irish Lancers Maj, 13Jun03. Hon Lt Col in Army 1Aug01 (2nd in comd 1904 Jan)
Moore Joseph Michael John   2nd Lt,7Oct15. Temp 2nd Lt 26Mar16,Aug17 & Dec 16 lists
Moore Randal Kingsmill 3 Bn Leins R 2nd Lt,27Jun03. Late Lt
Morton Thomas Edward   2nd Lt,27Feb15. Lieut, 1Mar16. Capt, 11Oct16.  
Murphy Norbert   2nd Lt,21Dec16. Lieut, 21Jun18. Employed Corps cav regt Aug17 list
Neill William S   2nd Lt,29Jun17. Lieut, 29Dec19. attd Notts Yeo 14Aug14
Norton Harry Egerton   Capt, 3Jun11. Maj, 5Feb16. Lt Col, 10Nov17. Capt ret pay(Adjt Aug15 list 14Oct14)
O'Connor Charles Hugh   Lieut, 13Jun03.  
O'Grady Guillamore H   2nd Lt,24Jun05. Lieut, 2Jul10. Capt, 7Aug14. Maj, 13Mar16.  
Penhale Walter 1 R Devon yeo 2nd Lt,19Dec16.  
Penrose Evelyn Cooper   2nd Lt,28Jul16. Lieut, 28Jan18. 1918 24Dec17 Empld Traffc Control Sqdn
Penrose-FitzGerald Charles Bryan   2nd Lt,15Jun17. Lieut, 15Dec18.  
Phelps John Vanderleur R War R Lieut, 13Jun03. Late capt
Phelps Edgar Lecky   2nd Lt,21May04. Lieut, 26Apr06. Capt, 6Feb09. Maj, 2Nov17. (Capt 9Oct1914 in Aug 16,17)
Phillips Ernest Ivor   2nd Lt,30Jul15. Temp 2nd Lt 28Mar1?
Ponsonby Vere Brabazon {Hon}   2nd Lt,24May04.  
Portal Bertram Percy DSO   1916 Commanding Corps Cav Regt,incl SIH  
Purcell William Francis   2nd Lt,21Dec16.  
Robinson Harry Edward      
Roche-Kelly James MC   2nd Lt,31May09. Lieut, 30May14. Capt, 20Oct15. Lt Col, 12Apr18. On prob 1910 list (17Jan17 MC)Temp Lt Col of 7th bn RIR 12Mar18
Roe William Henry   2nd Lt,23Feb18. Lieut, 23Aug19.  
Rye Richard Bailey Tenson   2nd Lt,18May16. Lieut, 18Nov17. late Capt RE Spec Res Hon Lt in Army 14Oct00
Sandes Edward Brenden   2nd Lt,1Dec18.  
Sharp John   2nd Lt,21Dec16. Lieut, 21Jun18. Employed Corps cav regt Aug17 list
Skinner Fredrick Lewis   Lieut, 8Mar16. Temp Capt 3Aug17 Jun 1918 list Adj from 14Mar16
Smith Philip Norbert   2nd Lt,20Nov15. Lieut, 11Oct16. Capt, 27Dec15. Empld Serv Bns R Ir Regt Jan 16 list,On Prob Apr 1916
Smythe Robert   2nd Lt,1May08. Lieut, 24Nov10. Capt, 14Oct14. Maj, 24Jun18. Employed Corps cav regt Aug17
Somerville Aylmer Coghill   Lieut, 13Jun03. Capt, 18Jun04.  
Start Bertruem James 19th Hrs 2nd Lt,19Mar16. 1916 commissioned from ranks
Stern Henry Julius Joseph   Lieut, 17Aug06. Capt, 6Feb09. Maj, 15May11. (Capt res of Off) 1917 Lt Col 29Oct to 23Nov16
Stewart Charles Trench   2nd Lt,4Sep14. Lieut, 20Oct15. on prob 1915 list
Stokes William Monckton   2nd Lt,21Dec16. Temp 2nd Lt Aug17 list
Stopford Montague Henry Aubrey   Lieut, 20Oct15. Capt, 20May18. att City of Lond Yeo 20Oct15(2nd date Lt 16Nov15 on Aug & Dec 1916 & Aug 18)
Stopford Edward Barrington Lewis Henry {Hon}   Lieut, 13Jun03. Capt, 27Jun03. Hon Capt in Army(18Oct00)
Thornley Gerald   2nd Lt,21Dec16. Lieut, 21Jun18. Temp 2nd Lt Aug17 list
Trant Lawrence Dominick   2nd Lt,15May12. Lieut, 1Oct14. Capt, 20Oct15.  
Tremayne John Hearle   Capt, 8Jun96. Maj, 6Feb09. Maj ret pay (06Feb09 May09 & Mar09 list)
Truman Charles Montague DSO   Lt Col, 12Nov16. 1916 Commanding Corps Cav Regt,incl SIH
Vambeck Ferdinand Jules MC   2nd Lt,17Feb17. Lieut, 17Aug18. MC on Jan 1920 list
Vernon Cuthbert Avanal John MC   2nd Lt,4Sep14. Lieut, 20Oct15. Capt, 1Mar16. on prob 1915 list
Villiers-Stuart Henry Chs W Waterford Art (Milita) Capt, 13Jun03. Maj, 18Jun04. Late Capt
Walker Charles Arthur Stephen   2nd Lt,28Jun07.  
Wardell John Meredith   2nd Lt,10Feb09. Lieut, 9Apr12. Capt, 18Oct14. On prob 1910 list
Warren Lionel Charles   Lieut, 13Jun03. Capt ret pay res of off
Waterford Henry de la Pore {Marquis} RHGds Lt Col, 10Feb02. Marquis of Waterford
Watt Alexander Hubert MC   Lieut, 26Jan10. Capt, 9Apr12. Maj, 5Feb16. Capt ret pay (10Feb01)(Employed Corps cav regt Aug17
Watt Samuel Alexander   2nd Lt,4Sep14. Lieut, 20Oct15. Capt, 13Mar16. on prob 1915 list
Watts Jennins Attwooll MC   2nd Lt,28Nov16. Lieut, 28May18.  
Wicklow Ralph Francis {Earl}   Maj, 16Jun09. Lt Col, 7Sep15. Late Capt (res of Off 1915 temp Lt-col 7Sep15) 1917 relinquish temp Lt Col) (War Office Aug 18 list)
Wilks Thomas Nellist   2nd Lt,21Dec16. Temp 2nd Lt Aug17 list
Williams Lewis Owen   Maj, 27Nov05. Maj ret pay(Res of Off)
Wise Francis Hubert 13 Hrs Maj, 13Jun03. Lt
Wolfe-Smyth Arthur Sydney   2nd Lt,9Aug16. Lieut, 28Jan18. Wolf-Smyth & 2nd date 5Jan15in Aug 17 & Dec 16 lists, On Prob Dec 1916 & Mar 17
Woodiwiss Alfred Reginald Barstow   2nd Lt,20Jan16. Temp 2nd Lt 18Aug16 & Aug17 list
Wrigley Fredrick Harris   2nd Lt,21Dec16. Temp 2nd Lt Aug17 list

Adjt or Adj = Adjutant, Art = Artillery, Asst Dir = Assistant Director, Bn = Battalion, Capt = Captain, DSO = Distinguished Service Order, Hon = Honourable, hon = honorary, Hrs = Hussars, Leins R = Leinster Regiment, Lrs = Lancers, Lt = Lieutenant, Lond Yeo = London Yeomanry, MC = Military Cross, MM = Military Medal, MVO = Member of the Victorian Order, ret = Retired, R Innis Fus = Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, R Dub Fus = Royal Dublin Fusiliers, R War R = Royal Warwickshire Regiment, RHGds = Royal Horse Guards Dragoons, RE = Royal Engineers, Surg = Surgeon, Temp = Tempoary.

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