The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse
In memory of the
7th (SIH) Bn Royal Irish Regiment 1914  - 1919
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The following list was taken from several sources, including lists of other ranks Died in the Great War. Officers died in the Great War 1914 - 1919. Commonwealth War Graves Commission publications. This list gives those men who died as members of the 7th South Irish Horse (SIH) Battalion the Royal Irish Regiment (RIRegt) 16th (Irish) Div. Which came into being on 1st September 1917. Those men who joined from the SIH and died are included on another page, available here. The reason for this is to differentiate between those men who were formerly part of the SIH and those men who joined from several other regiments. For further notes about this Regiment please follow the link to the South Irish Horse main page. There are links from some surnames to separate pages giving details of the various cemeteries where these men are buried.

Surname Forenames Born Enlisted At From Number Rank How Died Where Died Date Former
Allen Jules J St John's, Guernsey CI Guernsey
3152 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18
Amor Walter Ealing, Middx Fulham, Middx Ealing 18159 Pte KIA F&F 21/9/18 43357 Wilts Regt & 1170 Leins Regt
Anderson Arthur JO Ballylinan, Queen's Co Roscrea, Co Tipperary Dunmanway, Co Cork 8096 Cpl KIA F&F 21/3/18
Attridge Daniel St John's, Waterford Waterford
4229 Pte DofW F&F 7/3/18
Baddeley John T Bignall End, Staffs Stoke-on-Trent Bignall End 8479 Pte L/Cpl KIA F&F 21/3/18 22762 Hussars
Baker George Donneybrook, Co Dublin Dublin Donnybrook 7002 Pte KIA F&F 2/9/18
Barry MM Richard St Patrick's, Waterford Waterford
1983 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18
Breen Richard St Mary's, Kilkenny Kilkenny
7804 Pte L/Cpl DofW F&F 28/3/18
Breen Patrick Avoca, Co Wicklow Dublin Avoca 12047 Sgt DofW F&F 8/4/18 10205 R Dub Fus
Bruton Thomas St Joseph's, Dublin Dublin
11609 Pte KIA F&F 15/8/18 10411 R Dub Fus
Bryson Charles Templemore, Co Derry Londonderry
3070 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18
Bunbury William H St Catherine's, Dublin Dublin
26570 Pte KIA F&F 7/10/18 30468 R Dub Fus
Burke Patrick Ballinasloe, Co Galway Ballinasloe
6933 Pte KIA F&F 2/9/18
Cherry Joseph Humberstown, Co Antrim Lisburn
26258 Pte KIA F&F 14/10/18 23525 R Dub Fus
Clarke MM James
Cahir Bootle, Lancs 2066 Sgt KIA F&F 19/9/18 7838 A Cyclist Corps
Coffey Michael J St John's, Tralee, Co Kerry Tralee
6176 Pte KIA F&F 8/8/18 6732 Con Rangers
Colgan Patrick Ildrumore, Co Tyrone Hamilton Coatbridge, Lanarkshire 26597 Pte KIA F&F 2/9/18 30985 R Dub Fus
Connell William SS Peter and Paul, Cork Cork
10726 Pte DofW F&F 3/9/18 336638 ASC
Coyle John Templemore, Co Derry Londonderry
2854 Pte L/Cpl KIA F&F 21/3/18
Coyne John Jarrow, Co Durham Jarrow
26360 Pte KIA F&F 21/8/18 24492 R Dub Fus
Culkin John Sherborne, Dorset Dublin Doncaster, Yorks 18081 Pte KIA F&F 17/8/18 3033 Con Rangers
Cullen Robert Tipperary Tipperary
9104 Pte KIA F&F 17/8/18
Cush Michael Cranford, Co Wexford Gorey, Co Wexford
6587 Pte KIA F&F 17/8/18 6785 Con Rangers
Daily Joseph Greenock, Renfrewshire Greenock
10523 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18
Dewhurst Thomas Barley, Lancs Dublin Nelson, Lancs 26535 Pte KIA F&F 24/8/18 29851 R Dub Fus
Docherty James Londonderry Glasgow
26214 Pte KIA F&F 14/10/18 31038 R Dub Fus
Dolling        (*) William Drumcondra, Co Dublin Dublin
26519 Pte KIA F&F 22/10/18 27761 R Dub Fus
Donnelly Edward Allerton, Lancs Liverpool
7035 Pte KIA F&F 22/10/18
Donoghue John
26135 Pte KIA F&F 14/10/18 4583 R Mun Fus
Donohue Richard Dublin Dublin
26263 Pte DofW F&F 24/9/18 25335 R Dub Fus
Downey James Grange, Co Waterfod Clonmel, Co Tipperary Piltdown, Co Waterford 7357 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18
Doyle Michael Tomacorck, Co Wexford Gorey, Co Wexford Carnew, Co Wexford 4435 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18
Durr Thomas F Elphin, Co Roscommon Dublin Elphin 26240 Pte A/Sgt KIA F&F 2/9/18 26956 R Dub Fus
Eaves FrederickW D
1st BnRIRegt
0 2/Lt KIA
Edwards James Ballycogley, Co Wexford Wexford Ballycogley 5207 Pte DofW F&F 31/3/18 G/1228 R Mun Fus
Farrelly Benedick Clonsilla, Co Dublin Dublin Malahide, Co Dublin 3614 Pte L/Cpl KIA F&F 21/3/18
Fenlon Patrick Bagnalstown, Co Carlow Carlow Bagnalstown 4894 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18
Flanagan Thomas Ballymote, Co Sligo Boyle, Co Roscommon Ballymote 6851 Pte KIA F&F 31/10/18 6799 Con Rangers
Flynn William Neath, Glamorgan Cardiff
7050 Pte KIA F&F 24/8/18
Foley James Kilkenny Scunthorpe, Lincs Kilkenny 5749 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18
Foley William Ardfinnan, Co Tipperary Clonmel, Co Tipperary Ardfinnan 11271 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18
Frazer Thomas
Ennis Killanon, Co Clare 10611 Pte DofW F&F 15/10/18
Gallagher James St Kevin's, Dublin Kingstown, Co Dublin
12324 Pte KIA F&F 2/9/18 22348 R Dub Fus
Garnham John H
26224 Sgt KIA F&F 14/10/18 17213 R Dub Fus
Grant MM William J Shorne, Kent Gravesend, Kent Shorne 5402 Pte KIA F&F 25/3/18 4011 R W Kent Regt
Hancock Thomas F Rathmines, Co Dublin Dublin Rathmines 26482 Pte DofW F&F 21/8/18 21102 R Dub Fus & 338894 RASC
Hannon Desmond D Egremont, Cheshire Liverpool New Brighton, Cheshire 7094 Pte KIA F&F 2/9/18
Hare Albert K North Strand, Dublin Dublin
26505 Pte L/Cpl KIA F&F 14/10/18 5478 A Cyclist Corps
Hawthorne William R Dromore, Co Down Hamilton, Lanarkshire New Lanark 6473 Pte DofW F&F 2/9/18
Healy Michael P Cork Glasgow
26104 Pte KIA F&F 14/10/18 7207 R Mun Fus
Heaphy John St Finbarr's, Cork Cork
26086 Pte DofW F&F 27/8/18 5002 R Mun Fus
Hickey John Newcastle, Co Tipperary Clonmel, Co Tipperary Knocklofty, Co Tipperary 10359 Pte DofW F&F 21/3/18 79771 RAMC
Holden Patrick St Mary's, New Ross, Co Wexford Wexford
5314 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18
Honeysett George R Mereworth, Kent Chatham
11816 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18 5394 R W Kent Regt
Horrigan Michael Kilfering, Co Limerick Doncaster, Yorks
6504 Pte D F&F 24/2/17 (Died before 7th Batt formed?)
Howard John Maryborough, Queen's Co Gorey, Co Wexford Maryborough 5857 Pte DofW F&F 3/10/18
Hughes Patrick Freshford, Co Kilkenny Upper Court, Co Kilkenny Freshford 5791 Pte D F&F 24/3/18
Irwin James R
0 2/Lt Tp KIA
James Albert E Birmingham Birmingham
26375 Pte KIA F&F 2/9/18 39189 Hants Regt & 41219 R Dub Fus
Johnston James Edinburgh Edinburgh
26106 Pte D F&F 15/10/18 8126 R Mun Fus & R S Fus
Jones Herbert J
2nd BnRIRegt
0 2/Lt DofW
Keeffe John Mooncoin, Co Kilkenny Waterford Mooncoin 10634 Pte KIA F&F 14/10/18
Kerr James Stirling Stirling
26498 Pte KIA F&F 31/10/18 25348 R Dub Fus
Killikelly Gerald Liverpool, Lancs Liverpool
26379 Pte DofW F&F 10/9/18 30228 R Dub Fus
Kinahan Henry St Paul's, Dublin Dublin
26628 Pte DofW F&F 16/8/18 29457 R Dub Fus
Kirby David Knockaney, Co Limerick Limerick
26112 Pte KIA F&F 2/9/18 7235 R Mun Fus
Lane Samuel B Stroud Green, N Middx London Isleworth, Middx 26616 Pte L/Cpl KIA F&F 20/9/18 43409 R Dub Fus
Lloyd Robert C 4th Bn RIRegt
0 2/Lt KIA
Long Stanley E Stoke Newington, Middx Finsbury, Middx Stoke Newington 26017 Pte DofW F&F 20/10/18 13535 Dorset Regt
Loughran Thomas Leeds Leeds
6559 Pte KIA F&F 22/10/18
Maher Thomas Ballymore, Co Tipperary Tipperary Cahervillahow, Co Tipperary 10565 Pte KIA F&F 21/9/18
Malcolm Henry J Southwark, Surrey Whitehall, Middx London Road, S E Surrey 10125 Pte DofW F&F 28/3/18 146936 RFA
Maloney MM Thomas O'Gonnelloe, Co Clare Dublin O'Gonnelloe 5608 WO
KIA F&F 2/9/18 (See Moloney below, same chap?)
Mansfield John Newcastle, Co Tipperary Cahir, Co Tipperary New Inn, Co Tipperary 5271 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18
Martin Harry Manchester Manchester
16270 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18 R/259253 RASC
McCabe Vincent Londonderry Liverpool
6866 Pte KIA F&F 6/10/18
McClelland DCM David Dublin Cork Dublin 12280 WO
D F&F 30/10/18 8933 R Mun Fus
McClorey Owen Athboy, Co Meath Mullingar, Co W Meath Athboy 18172 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18 5195 Lein Regt
McCormick Bernard H Hull Durham Hull 26251 Cpl KIA F&F 2/9/18 29573 R Dub Fus
McCormick MM William Killoe, Co Longford Hamilton Carryglass, Co Longford 26599 Pte KIA F&F 31/10/18 30994 R Dub Fus
McCoy John Liverpool Liverpool
6819 Pte D F&F 30/10/18
McDonnell Myles St Lawrence O'Toole's Dublin Dublin
26515 Cpl KIA F&F 2/9/18 27519 R Dub Fus
McEvoy William Kildare Mullingar, Co W Meath Killucan, Co Meath 12274 Cpl KIA F&F 14/10/18 10342 Lein Regt & 10618 R Mun Fus
McGrath John Trinity Without, Waterford Waterford
5925 Pte KIA F&F 19/10/14 (Died before 7th Batt formed?)
McGuiness James Felling, Co Durham Newcastle-on-Tyne Felling 26231 Pte KIA F&F 8/8/18 30081 R Dub Fus
McGuire Joseph Oldcastle, Co Meath Naas, Co Kildare Bailieborough, Co Cavan 11664 Pte DofW F&F 15/10/18 25647 R Dub Fus
McMahon Francis St Michael's, Limerick Limerick
26151 Pte KIA F&F 21/8/18 5783 R Mun Fus
McMaster DCM James
Cookstown Maghera, Co Tyrone 4155 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18
McNally John Belfast Liverpool Belfast 10683 Pte DofW F&F 31/8/18
Moloney Thomas Killaloe, Co Clare Dublin
5608 Pte KIA F&F 2/9/18 (See Maloney above, same chap?)
Monnelly James Ardagh, Co Mayo Claremorris, Co Mayo Ballina, Co Mayo 25997 Sgt DofW F&F 16/10/18 27123 R Dub Fus
Moore Henry Hythe, Kent Devises, Wilts Andover, Hants 25924 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18 8273 Essex Regt
Moriarty Michael Cork Liverpool
6937 Pte KIA F&F 17/8/18
Morley William Bury, Lancs Bury Bolton, Lancs 26388 Pte KIA F&F 2/9/18 26510 R Dub Fus
Mould Wilfred H Westbury, Wilts Aberdare
26021 Pte KIA F&F 14/10/18 7227 R Mun Fus
Murphy Cornelius St Anne's, Cork Cork
12264 Pte DofW F&F 25/9/18 10794 R Mun Fus
Murphy Michael Ballymurrin, Wexford Enniscorthy, Co Wexford
8751 Pte D F&F 15/7/18
Murphy Patrick Kildare Tralee, Co Kerry Kildare 26131 Pte KIA F&F 21/9/18 7433 R Mun Fus
Murphy Thomas
25939 Pte L/Cpl KIA F&F 26/3/18 5214 Lein Regt
Murtagh James Meath Northampton Chapel Brampton, Northants 26565 Pte KIA F&F 23/10/18 30296 R Dub Fus
Nee Patrick New Village, Co Galway Dublin
18231 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18 7874 R Ir Rifles
Neville Martin Bannow, Co Wexford Wexford Bannow 11537 Pte L/Cpl D F&F 21/3/18
O'Connell John J Cork Cork
7651 Pte KIA F&F 14/10/18 23567 R Dub Fus
O'Connell Michael Castletownroche, Co Cork Dublin Castletownroche 7591 Pte DofW F&F 2/9/18 29052 R Dub Fus
O'Connell Richard St John's, Kilkenny Kilkenny
7424 Pte DofW F&F 29/9/18
O'Connor Thomas Tralee, Co Kerry Cardiff Port Talbot, Glam 26480 Pte KIA F&F 2/9/18 21099 R Dub Fus
O'Shaughnessy John Portarlington, Queen's Co Dublin Portarlington 11668 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18 11572 R Dub Fus
O'Shea James Mountain Ash, Glam Cardiff Penrhiwceiber, Glam 7056 Pte KIA F&F 24/8/18
Orme William Killala, Co Mayo Ballina, Co Mayo
7656 Cpl KIA F&F 22/10/18 5686 Con Rangers
Phillips John P
Cardiff Pembroke Docks 6953 Pte KIA F&F 2/9/18
Phillips MC Charles E
4th BnRIRegt
0 Lt KIA
Pigg James W Hexham, Northumberland Newcastle-on-Tyne
26419 Pte KIA F&F 22/10/18 30540 R Dub Fus
Preston Henry Westminster, Middx Stratford, Essex Westminster 12056 Pte DofW F&F 14/10/18 11115 Con Rangers
Pugh Joseph E Llandinan, Montgomeryshire Shrewsbury Dorrington, Salop 26309 Pte DofW F&F 25/10/18 21074 R Dub Fus
Rafter John Rathdowney, Queen's Co Maryborough, Queen's Co Rathdowney 11754 Pte KIA F&F 22/10/18
Regan Michael Boston, USA Swansea Pontardawe, Glam 10501 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18
Reid William Cabinteely, Co Dublin Dublin Kill-of-the-Grange, Co Dublin 7003 Pte KIA F&F 24/10/18
Reilly Peter J St Andrew's, Dublin Dublin Bray Co Wicklow 6957 Pte D F&F 5/11/18
Roberts Alfred
Gravesend, Kent Camberwell, Surrey 11963 Pte KIA F&F 8/8/18 11713 R Dub Fus
Rochford William Knockmore, Co Mayo Glencorse, Peebles Rosewell, Peebles 25947 Pte L/Cpl DofW F&F 2/4/18 20587 R Dub Fus
Rock Edward St John's, Sligo Sligo
26310 Pte KIA F&F 16/8/18 23223 R Dub Fus
Rothwell John F Tagmohn, Co Wexford Wexford Taghmon 5624 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18
Rourke James
26394 Pte DofW F&F 6/9/18 24695 R Dub Fus
Rowlands Reginald Taffs Well, Glam Abertridwr, Glam Taffs Well, Glam 18684 Sgt KIA F&F 22/10/18 26110 Hussars
Rudge John M Walsall, Staffs Aldridge Walsall 5127 Sgt KIA F&F 21/3/18
Russell John Killenaule, Co Tipperary Cashel, Co Tipperary Killenaule 8936 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18
Ryan Patrick Bray, Co Wicklow Kingstown, Co Dublin Shankhill, Co Dublin 26315 Pte DofW F&F 16/8/18 27279 R Dub Fus
Ryland George Sword's, Co Dublin Dublin Kingstown, Co Dublin 26348 Sgt DofW F&F 4/10/18 23781 R Dub Fus
Scott MM James Locher, Forfar Coatbridge, Lanarkshire Glenboig, Lanarkshire 26207 Pte
A Cpl
DofW F&F 31/10/18 21568 R Dub Fus
Shevlin John P Liverpool Liverpool
26544 Pte
KIA F&F 31/10/18 30143 R Dub Fus
Singleton Timothy Mallow, Co Cork Cork Mallow 26005 Cpl KIA F&F 14/10/18 6796 R Mun Fus
Skerrett Richard St Peter's, Dublin Dublin
7077 Pte KIA F&F 14/10/18
Slaven Michael Killygordan, Co Donegal Glasgow
18413 Pte KIA F&F 2/9/18 40562 R Dub Fus & 7472 Con Rangers
Smith Peter Mulhuddart, Co Dublin Dublin
10593 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18
Spires Edward St Lawrence O'Toole, Dublin Dublin
26625 Pte KIA F&F 2/9/18 29991 R Dub Fus
Spratt Neville Watlington, Oxon Woolwich Watlington 10150 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18 146858 RFA
Stapleton Edward Carrick-on-Suir, Co Tipperary Waterford Kilmacow, Co Kilkenny 7101 Pte KIA F&F 22/10/18
Stone James Castlecomer, Co Kilkenny Castlecomer
7861 Pte L/Cpl KIA F&F 21/3/18
Taylor Joseph Blackburn, Lancs Blackburn
18225 Cpl KIA F&F 21/3/18 2887 R Ir Rifles
Thomas James Barntown, Wexford Wexford
1981 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18
Thorne William Bidborough, Kent Tunbridge Wells, Kent Bidborough 5408 Pte D F&F 15/7/18 1847 R W Kent Regt
Tomalin Frank Henley-on-Thames, Oxon Henley, Oxon
26412 Pte KIA F&F 21/8/18 6186 Glos Regt
Walker Henry Liverpool, Lancs Liverpool
6860   KIA F&F 22/10/18
Walsh Edward St Nichols, Carrick-on-Suir, Co Tipperary Carrick-on-Suir
5194 Pte L/Cpl KIA F&F 24/8/18
Warman James Marylebone, Middx Marylebone Holloway, Middx 10200 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18 114583 RFA
Watts Arthur Overton, Hants Andover, Hants Overton 16187 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18
Welsh John
10681 Pte DofW F&F 5/9/18
Wilkinson Edward Midleton, Co Cork Midleton
6505 Pte A/Sgt KIA F&F 8/8/18 7314 Con Rangers
Williamson John G J
2nd BnRIRegt
0 2/Lt KIA
Wintle Charles J Easton, Glos Bristol
16200 Pte KIA F&F 21/3/18 5669 Glos Regt
Wright Casper I Greenwich, Kent Southwark, Surrey Peckham, Surrey 26414 Pte DofW F&F 3/9/18 18415 R Dub Fus

Key: DofW - Died of Wounds, KIA - Killed in action, D - Died, F&F - France and Flanders, Home refers to United Kingdom.
Att - attached, RIR - Royal Irish Regiment, RFA - Royal Field Artillery, R Dub Fus - Royal Dublin Fusiliers, R Ir Rifles - Royal Irish Rifiles,
R W Kent Regt - Royal West Kent Regiment, R Mun Fus - Royal Munster Fusillers, Lein Regt - Leinster Regiment, N Ir Horse - North Irish Horse.
MM - Military Medal,
DCM - Distinguished Conduct Medal, (*) Real name is Rice and not Dolling.

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