SIH caverlyman (26k)

This fine fellow is an unknown member of the South Irish Horse. I know this because of a series of photographs which were printed in Vol XIII of the Irish Sword (The Journal of the Military History Society of Ireland) The article was illustrated with several photographs one of which was taken in the same courtyard, with the same bucket in the background. On the back of the photograph is written, Bethune 1917. The cap badge, very clear on the original, is that of the SIH.

I was told that this was a photograph of Gordon Vaugh born in 1885 eldest son of Wilton and Susan Vaugh. Who died in France 26th Dec 1917 and was buried 2nd Jan 1918 in Meuse Argonne American Cemetery, plot number A31-38. He was serving with the American Expeditionary Force and as the uniform is most definitely that of a British cavalryman, then this is not a photo of Gordon Vaugh. A brass memorial plaque was erected to him and two others on the wall inside Toomna Church Co Leitrim Eire.

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Doug Vaugh, England  16th August 2008