The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse
The South Irish Horse
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As time has passed it has become quite clear that there is a need for us to make a charge for some of the research that we undertake. Most we will complete as part of our own ongoing research, however for unrelated South Irish Horse research we will make a charge as this tends distract us from our priority, namely researching The South Irish Horse and it's men.

Please use this link, or the one above, one of us will then reply and take it from there. A basic price list is given below as a guide to the sort of costs involved in us undertaking research on your behalf. With your request please include as much information as you can this makes it much simpler to respond meaningfully.




This is a basic subject list for research carried out at the National Archives, Ruskin Avenue, Kew, London. Anything that is not covered here can be discussed. Charges are levied for searches regardless of whether or not documents are found. A full report covering the result will accompany each individual search undertaken.

For an evaluation of your requirements please send us an e-mail with details, using the link here or the one below.

Hourly rates start at £35 and will be tailored to each clients requirements.


Army Pre World War 1 (1760 to 1913)

  • Individual Document Search Other Ranks.
    This will include a search for soldiers discharge papers and an Individual Medal Roll Check where applicable (i.e. if found on the papers or notified by the client). If found copies will be made.

  • Individual Medal Roll Check.
    This will only be undertaken when specific information is provided by the client,
    ( i.e. which campaign medals the individual has ). Each roll for the individual will be copied.

    Army World War I

It should be noted that if a Soldier served in the Armed Forces after 1920 or an Officer after March 1922 then no service documents are yet open to the public. This may not become apparent until a search has been made.

  • Individual Medal References Search.
    This will include copies of: -
    • Medal Index Card
    • Medal Roll entries (generally 1 but sometimes as many as 4 if the individual is commissioned from the ranks or has a Silver War Badge entitlement)
    • Any gallantry or meritorious service award Record Card (if notified by client or found during the search)
    • A brief appreciation from the Monthly Army Lists concerning an individual officer with one or two copies
  This may also include annotated London Gazette entries in the case of the Distinguished Service Order, Military Cross or Distinguished Conduct Medal giving a time and place of the action for which it was awarded.
  • Individual Document Search, Officers.
    This will include all of the Individual Medal Reference Search and a report on the individual documents of the officer if documents are found to be available. Copies of all relevant pages will be made.

  • Individual Document Search, Other Ranks.
    To include the above Individual Medal Reference Search and a search of the relevant service documents available at the PRO. Bearing in mind that only approximately 40% of Soldiers documents survived the Second World War. If found copies will then made of relevant pieces.

  • Work on War Diaries. Request an estimate, charged at our current hourly rate.
    Usually this work will only be undertaken after discussion with the client. Unless there is a specific event, for example the death in action of an individual, it would not normally be helpful. This will be charged on an hourly rate. Copies of relevant sheets will be made as appropriate
    Army World War II

No service documents are available to the public.

  • Work on War Diaries. Request an estimate, charged at our current hourly rate.
    As with the First World War it is only advisable to check these if a specific time or event can be identified. Copies of relevant sheets will be made.

  • Immediate Gallantry Awards.
    Copies of the recommendations for individual awards are available.
Information on individuals is available to next of kin.
Contact the MOD at the following web site.

Other research not covered in the above will be costed on a pro rata basis.
Please e-mail us for details.


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