List of SIY and SIH Kennedy T to Owen AR

  Name & Initials   SIY     Name & Initials   SIY
Kennedy T     McDonald J  
Kennedy T     McDonald J  
Kenny EA     McDonald P  
Kenny G Yes   McDonald T  
Kenny JE     McDonnell AT  
Kent GE Yes   McDonnell DW  
Kent HC     McDonnell T  
Kent MS     McDonough MP {MC}  
Kent RV     McDowell ES  
Kent TR Yes   McElwaine H  
Keogh RJ Yes   McEvoy JJ  
Keogh T     McEvoy W  
Keough F     McFadden R  
Kerney T Yes   McGauley R  
Kerrigan T     McGlynn W  
Kerrigan (T)J (nd)     McGovern E  
Kerrison A     McGovern T  
Kerrison D     McGowan JC  
Keyes JW     McGrath J  
Kidd J     McGrath JAS  
Kiely C     McGrath JP  
Kierman J     McGregor A  
Kilkeary R     McGuinness PW  
Killacky JF     McGuire JT  
Killeen M     McKay A  
Kilroy J     McKay G  
King J     McKeeman FK  
King J     McKeevor C  
King JA Yes   McKeigue JC  
King JA     McKenna E  
King JV     McKenna HJ  
King R     McKenna P  
King W     McKenzie A  
Kinkade R     McKenzie D  
Kinkead RGCM Yes   McKenzie W  
Kinnane G     McLoughlin JF  
Kinnear J     McLoughlin M  
Kinninmont RF     McMahon M  
Kinsella J     McMahon P  
Kinsella T     McMahon P  
Kirk CGP     McMahon W  
Kirwan A Yes   McMaster J  
Knox AA     McMillan D  
Knox AWH     McMullen JE  
Knox J     McNabola TJ  
Lacey J Yes   McNamara F  
Lacy P     McNamara W  
Ladd J     McNamee J  
Ladd W     McNeill GJ  
Laffan AC Yes   McNeill HJ  
Lalby W     McNulty J  
Lambert T     McNulty JJ  
Lane W     McPhee A  
Langram W Yes   McQuade F  
Langran J     McQuade S  
Langran R     McSorley J  
Lannon P     McSweeney J  
Lannon T     McSweeney JS  
Larkin F     McSweeney PE  
Larkin J     McSweeny E  
Larkin W     Meagher M  
Larminie JPA Yes   Meagher T  
Lawder W     Meagher W  
Lawless T     Medill S  
Lawson AHD     Meehan D  
Lawson D     Meehan T  
Layng AE Yes   Meeke W  
Le-Bas LC     Melia J  
Leach J     Metcalfe W  
Leadbeater WHC     Metchette RB  
Leahey S     Metge CHJ  
Leahy PA     Meyers HD Yes
Leary T Yes   Midgley BH  
Leary WJ     Miller ES Yes
Ledwich JG Yes   Millett F  
Lee CG     Mills GE  
Lee F     Mills J  
Lee G Yes   Mitchell E  
Leeson F     Mitchell F Yes
Lendrum A Yes   Mitchell HJ  
Leonard S     Mitchell J Yes
Lett P Yes   Mitchell PC  
Levinge RW {Sir}     Mitchell R  
Levis GS Yes   Mitchell SJ  
Leybourne CL     Mitchell TB  
Lindsay R     Mitchell W  
Linehan C     Moffatt W  
Linney GH Yes   Moir A  
Linney J Yes   Mollison CE  
Lipscombe EJ     Molony WSB Yes
Lisney H Yes   Molyneux D  
Liston J     Monks M  
Liston J     Montgomery W  
Liston M     Mooney P  
Liston WG     Moore EL Yes
Little J     Moore JMJ  
Little J     Moore M  
Livingston G     Moore RA  
Llewellyn AE     Moore RK  
Llewellyn D     Moore RStL  
Llewellyn W     Moore T  
Llewellyn W     Moorhead J  
Lloyd RC     Moran M  
Lloyd T Yes   Moran SF  
Loane C     Morris C Yes
Loftus PJ {MM}     Morris CW  
Logan C     Morris RJ  
Logan JW     Morris W Yes
Lombard M Yes   Morris W  
Lombe J     Morrow C  
Lonergan D     Morrow TW  
Long E     Mortell MJ  
Long EJ     Morton TE Yes
Long SD Yes   Moyles S  
Lordan JP     Mulhall JJ  
Lorimer WT     Mullan GH  
Lougheed RH     Mullan MJ  
Loughlin J     Mullen EA  
Loughran F     Mullen J  
Lowry CP     Mulligan H  
Lowry D     Murphey EJ Yes
Lowry MJ     Murphy E Yes
Lowth T     Murphy F  
Lucas A     Murphy J  
Ludgate J     Murphy J  
Ludgate R {DCM}     Murphy J  
Luggar R     Murphy J  
Lugton JA Yes   Murphy J  
Lyin TM Yes   Murphy JB  
Lynch C     Murphy JC  
Lynch C Yes   Murphy JG  
Lynch CC     Murphy JJ  
Lynch WA     Murphy L  
Lynch W     Murphy M  
Lyons A     Murphy M Yes
Lyons JJ     Murphy ME  
Lyons M     Murphy N  
Lyons SC Yes   Murphy P  
M'Auliffe D Yes   Murphy P  
M'Carthy J Yes   Murphy S Yes
M'Carthy R Yes   Murphy W  
M'Claughrey WJ Yes   Murray A  
M'Clean J Yes   Murray GT  
M'Cullagh F Yes   Murray J  
M'Donagh J Yes   Murray JR  
M'Donald D Yes   Murray JW  
M'Donnell S Yes   Murray KA Yes
M'Dowell W Yes   Murtagh T  
M'Ilwaith W Yes   Murtell M  
M'Keisue MC Yes   Naden F {DSO MC}  
M'Kenna K Yes   Nagle H  
M'Keown F Yes   Nally J  
M'Loughlin J Yes   Nash J Yes
M'Namara P Yes   Naughton J  
MacAuley CP     Neazor R  
MacAuley J     Neil D  
Maccabe D Yes   Neill C  
MacCabe FF     Neill WSS  
Macken MJ     Nethercott S Yes
Mackey D     Nevin R  
MacMullen V     Newell J  
MacPhail JJ     Newman W  
MacWilliam TA     Nicholson C Yes
Madigan P     Nolan C  
Magill R Yes   Nolan DB  
Magill RH     Nolan J  
Magill S {MM}     Nolan M  
Magill W     Nolan M  
Maginn P     Nolan O  
Maguire GD     Nolan O  
Maguire JF Yes   Nolan PJ  
Maguire L     Norton HE  
Maguire P     Noton JE  
Mahen J     Nugent J  
Maher BJ     O'Bevine JJ  
Maher J     O'Brien Butler Yes
Maher T     O'Brien C Yes
Mahon R     O'Brien D Yes
Mahoney J     O'Brien E  
Mahood HA     O'Brien J Yes
Mahood R     O'Brien J  
Maiben EA Yes   O'Brien M Yes
Mainwaring T     O'Brien TJ  
Maloney P     O'Brien W  
Maloney T     O'Byrne MB  
Maloney WJ     O'Callaghan J  
Manico FE Yes   O'Callaghan J  
Manley R Yes   O'Callaghan J  
Manning G     O'Callaghan R  
Manning L     O'Connell F  
Mansfield H Yes   O'Connell JP  
Mansfield J     O'Connell PR  
Mansfield W     O'Conner T  
Manson EJ     O'Connor CH  
Marchant CS     O'Connor EJ Yes
Mard JH     O'Connor EL  
Marshall SH Yes   O'Connor GL Yes
Martin AES Yes   O'Connor J  
Martin R Yes   O'Connor M  
Martin W Yes   O'Connor T  
Maslin G     O'Connor T  
Maslin HES     O'Connor W  
Mason EV {MC}     O'Connors J  
Matthews C Yes   O'Dea D  
Matthews DS     O'Donnell GB  
Matthews JS     O'Driscoll D  
Maxwell S     O'Driscoll P  
May H     O'Driscoll W  
May WC     O'Driscoll W  
Mayhood W     O'Dwyer M  
Mayne V Yes   O'Farrell A  
McBeath A     O'Farrell J  
McBryde H     O'Grady GH  
McCabe D     O'Grady R  
McCabe J     O'Hanlan J  
McCabe W     O'Hanlon J  
McCalden D     O'Hara J  
McCalmont DHB {MC}     O'Hara JA  
McCann AF     O'Hara W  
McCarroll H     O'Keane GSA  
McCarthey J     O'Keefe M  
McCarthy D     O'Kelly DM  
McCarthy F     O'Kelly G  
McCarthy P     O'Looney D  
McCarthy T     O'Loughlin D  
McCarthy T     O'Mahoney J  
McCarthy T     O'Mahony R  
McCausland WJ     O'Moore PR  
McClean H     O'Neill D  
McClean T     O'Neill J  
McClintock AG {DSO}     O'Neill J  
McCoard LA     O'Neill JG  
McCombe WJP     O'Neill MH  
McConnell JW     O'Neill O  
McCormack B     O'Neill WJ  
McCormack J     O'Reilly G  
McCormack J     O'Rourke P  
McCormack M     O'Shea E  
McCormack MJ     O'Shea F  
McCormack P     O'Shea J  
McCormack W     O'Sullivan J  
McCormack W     O'Sullivan J  
McCracken H     O'Sullivan JA  
McCullagh F     O'Sullivan T  
McCullagh JA     Oakley A  
McCullough JD     Oakley F  
McDermot P     Orr FC Yes
McDermott T     Orr TP Yes
McDonagh J     Owen AR Yes
McDonald GR        

(nd) = name discrepancy, i.e., different spelling alias etc.

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Doug Vaugh, England  28th January 2013