List of SIY and SIH Abbott C to Dormer W

  Name & Initials  
  Name & Initials  
Abbott C Yes   Carr RJ  
Abbott JH     Carrol M  
Acheson WS Yes   Carry C  
Adams G {MM}     Carry P  
Adams N Yes   Carson G  
Adrien J     Carson ST  
Ahearn J     Carson T  
Aimers JM Yes   Carter G Yes
Airey RCW {MSM}     Carter HT  
Airey W     Casey E  
Aldridge RJ Yes   Casey J  
Allardyce J     Cash GC  
Allen CF Yes   Cassidy GV  
Allen CH Yes   Cassidy J  
Allen LPJ     Chambers F Yes
Allen M     Chambers FP  
Allen W     Chambers J Yes
Allen WHH     Chambers J  
Allen WR Yes   Chambers S  
Allison J     Chamney J  
Alsop T Yes   Charleton E Yes
Alton EK Yes   Charleton W Yes
Anderson H     Charlton DW  
Anderson NAR     Charlton GA  
Ardill G     Chilcott WJ  
Ardill J     Chilcott WJ  
Armstrong G     Christian JOL  
Armstrong JC     Christian W  
Armstrong JG     Clampett GJ  
Armstrong N     Clancey M  
Armstrong R     Clark D  
Ashman AT     Clark F  
Ashman T Yes   Clark FT  
Ashurst H     Clark G  
Aspell W     Clarke CP  
Atfield H Yes   Clarke GH  
Atkinson J     Clarke J  
Austin J     Clarke JJ  
Aylward AH Yes   Clarke LWS  
Aylward TB     Clarke N  
Bailey CJ {MM}     Clarke P Yes
Bailey H     Clarke W  
Baily OH     Clarkes C  
Baldwin R     Claxton J {MM}  
Ball WH     Claxton T Yes
Bankes EN     Clay BA  
Bannon JN     Clayden G Yes
Bannon S Yes   Cleary J  
Bannon W Yes   Cleary P  
Barber JJ Yes   Cleary R  
Barcroft W Yes   Cleary V {MM}  
Bardon JC     Clebburne C Yes
Barker W Yes   Clewy J  
Barlee WL Yes   Clifford F Yes
Barr ST     Clifton S  
Barrago J     Clynch J  
Barrett JJ     Coady L  
Barrett RJ     Coady M  
Barrett T     Coard AG  
Barrett WS     Coates A  
Barrington HG     Coates AS  
Barry FJ     Coates J  
Barry W Yes   Coates JC  
Barsby C     Coates WA  
Barter HG     Cobbe J Yes
Barton CM Yes   Cockburn J  
Bateman B     Coffey D  
Bateman C     Coffey T  
Bateman N Yes   Coghlan TR  
Bateman S     Colclough CJ  
Bates W     Cole J Yes
Bayliss JW Yes   Cole JW Yes
Beamish G Yes   Cole TS  
Beamish J Yes   Coleman J  
Beattie G     Coleman P  
Beattie VG Yes   Coleman T  
Beazley F     Coleman WS  
Beddoes H Yes   Colleary J  
Bell A     Collins J  
Bell G     Collins M  
Bell PC {MC}     Colohan J  
Bell R     Colohan J  
Bell R     Colthurst CJ  
Bell W     Colthurst GO  
Bellew BB {MC}     Colton FW  
Bence-Jones CWW     Colvill GC  
Bennett H     Comyns AA Yes
Bennett W Yes   Conboy J  
Bennett W     Condon C Yes
Bennison FWF Yes   Condon J  
Benson J     Conlon A  
Bentley D Yes   Connaught & Strathern AWPA {Duke}  
Bentley JE     Connell J  
Bentley W     Connell MT  
Berney J     Connolly J  
Berry HE     Connolly JP Yes
Berry RN     Connolly T  
Bertram W     Connolly T  
Beveridge GO {MSM} Yes   Connor W Yes
Bicker B     Connors T  
Bignell WA     Conran CG  
Billington FH     Conran JJ  
Bird W     Conroy J  
Black GM Yes   Conway GW  
Black PM Yes   Conway HW  
Blackall HWB     Conway R  
Blackburn G     Conway T  
Blackburn JH     Conyngham VGHF {Marquis}  
Blackett R     Cooke A  
Blake HC Yes   Cooke JG  
Blakemore G     Cooley WJ Yes
Blood F Yes   Coombs J Yes
Blue H Yes   Cooney AP Yes
Bohan BJ     Cooney EL  
Bolland TL     Cooper A  
Bolton JC {MM}     Cooper JIH Yes
Bonis RJ Yes   Cooper RE  
Booker R     Corbett HG  
Borrowes K {Sir}     Corcoran M  
Borthistle J Yes   Corcoran T  
Boucher W Yes   Corrigan A  
Bourke T     Corrigan G  
Bourne A     Corrigan JH  
Bourne TH Yes   Corrigan WSW  
Bowe J     Corway MJ  
Bowen WJ     Cosgrove JJ  
Boyce G     Cossar A  
Boyd J     Cossar WA  
Boyle A     Costello FB Yes
Boyle TJ     Costello H  
Boyler M Yes   Cotter F Yes
Brabzon J Yes   Cotter JL {Sir}  
Bradford C     Coughlan J  
Bradford S Yes   Coveney T  
Brady F     Cowan  
Brassington AR     Cowell R  
Brassington AW     Cox E  
Brazil M     Cox J Yes
Breen V     Cox HWD {DSO} Yes
Brennan G Yes   Cox PJ Yes
Brennan J Yes   Cox TSLO Yes
Brennan J     Cox W Yes
Brennan P     Coyle A  
Brereton G Yes   Coyle A  
Brereton J     Coyne J  
Brereton W     Coyne P  
Brewster RG     Craig A  
Brewster TJ     Craig TA  
Bridgeman T     Craigie A  
Brien D     Craigie JJ {DCM}  
Brien J     Crawford M  
Briggs WE     Crilly M  
Brockie R     Crone AJ  
Brocklebank H     Croome H Yes
Broderick J     Crosty T  
Broderick PJ     Crotty A Yes
Brodie JC     Crotty P  
Brooke BG     Crowe J  
Brooke FH     Crowe J Yes
Brophy P     Cuarson T Yes
Brough JH     Cullen FM  
Brown EE     Cullen J  
Brown J     Culleton J  
Brown J     Cummins E  
Brown J Yes   Cummins L  
Brown RA Yes   Cunniam G  
Brown RW Yes   Cunningham A  
Brown W Yes   Cunningham D Yes
Browne AH {MM}     Cunningham J  
Browne D Yes   Cunningham JH Yes
Browne GRD {Hon}     Cunningham JS  
Browne GS     Cunningham JS  
Browne W     Curley JP  
Browne-Clayton RC {DSO}     Curran J Yes
Brownlie J     Cuthbert J Yes
Brownlow R     D'Alton R  
Brunicardi DN Yes   D'Arcy D  
Bryan AP     D'Arcy J  
Bryan LA     D'Arcy R  
Buchanan S     Daley J  
Buckeridge LD     Dallas A  
Buckley AF     Dalton FW {MC}  
Buckley E     Daly EJ  
Buckley J     Daly J  
Buckley T     Daly J Yes
Buckley W     Daly PJ  
Buffini G     Daly W  
Buggy K     Daly WJ  
Bull H     Daniel A Yes
Burdge NA     Daniel A Yes
Burgoyne GA     Daniel HM Yes
Burke EG     Darby T Yes
Burke F Yes   Daunt H Yes
Burke JE     Daunt HH Yes
Burke JE Yes   Davidson RJ  
Burke M     Davie JH  
Burke T     Davis W Yes
Burnell CJ Yes   Dawson J  
Burns-Lindow IW {DSO}     De Berg E  
Burpee F     De Ruyter P  
Burtenshaw A     Dea M  
Burton E     Dea P  
Burton J     Dease R  
Bushnell J     Deasy W  
Butcher T     Decies JGH {DSO} {Lord}  
Butler EM Yes   Dee M  
Butler FR     Delaney E Yes
Butler HM     Delaney G Yes
Butler JP     Delmege JO'G  
Butler JS Yes   Denham WK Yes
Butler M     Dennehy M Yes
Butler W     Derwin R  
Butler WDE Yes   Devaney J  
Butles C     Devanny B  
Byers T Yes   Devas R  
Bynie H     Deverell Yes
Byrne C     Dexter CN  
Byrne D     Dexter ED'H  
Byrne H     Dickie TW Yes
Byrne J     Dignan AG  
Byrne J     Dignan CA  
Byrne J     Dignan CJB  
Byrne J     Dillon CJ  
Byrne M     Dineen D  
Byrne P     Dineen J  
Byrne R     Dixon E  
Byrne T     Dixon G  
Byrne T     Dixon GF {MC}  
Byrne T     Dixon W Yes
Cahalin F     Dobbin W Yes
Cahill J     Dobbs J  
Cahill W     Dobbs JL Yes
Caird J     Dobbs RSS  
Caldbeck J Yes   Doherty JL  
Caldbeck W     Doherty MJ  
Call F {DSO}     Dolan T Yes
Cameron D     Donnan H  
Campbell A     Doogue W Yes
Cantwell J Yes   Doorley J  
Canty J     Doorley T  
Carberey R     Doran A  
Carey JG     Doran J  
Carey RJ     Doran P  
Carey TN Yes   Dorgan CC  
Carey W     Dorgan Y Yes
Carmichael P     Dormer EE  
Carr A     Dormer G  
Carr J     Dormer W  

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